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Our Philosophies



To be an elite athlete, we believe you can’t just have it—you have to earn it. Athletes who have pride, honor, and who work for their accomplishments are rewarded. The Boathouse badge of honor distinguishes those with a true passion for the sport from those who just perform below their finest potential.


It’s one thing to be a team with a winning record; it’s another to be a team with a legacy of excellence. Teams that show ambition, responsibility, and leadership are an inspiration to their peers. Captains leading their teams to fulfilling their potential are key. These extraordinary teams and captains are those with the portray the Boathouse legacy of excellence.


Good teams help each other through adversities. The best teams stand by their teammates, fighting the adversities with them. A team’s collective commitment and dedication to each other to achieve their overall goals is crucial to success. Working through challenges makes teams stronger-- physically and mentally. It’s what Boathouse refers to as the glorious struggle.



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