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Made in the USA

Philadelphia, PA.- American companies have revolutionized the manufacturing process. In response to the domestic manufacturing slump in the 1980s, the American manufacturer shot back by being the first in the industry to form teams designed to innovate and problem solve. American manufacturing companies have set the industry standard for every phase of operations including quality control, production, sales and product design. American manufacturing companies understand that QUALITY is the modern customer’s chief requirement. Philadelphia-based athletic apparel company, Boathouse Sports, the leading direct manufacturer of custom team athletic attire, understands what it means to be made in the USA.

What does being “made in the USA” mean? It means there are stringent laws governing how goods are made, who makes them, and how they affect your environment. Being made in the USA means the focus of the manufacturing process is two-fold, one aspect involving emphasis on the best quality products available and the other, possessing the ability to tailor the product to the specific needs and wants of the customer. Boathouse Sports incorporates these philosophies into every aspect of their manufacturing process. Boathouse clients are able to completely customize their orders. Boathouse knows the customer wants what they want when they want it – and because they are domestic, they can deliver the final product in ten days or less.

Boathouse Sports does more than manufacture their products in the USA. The corporate offices, customer service center, factory and shipping hub are all located on the same premises. Boathouse customers know that their order is secure because the company’s internal lines of communication are always open and right down the hall from one another, as opposed to across the Ocean like so many others in our industry.

We are Boathouse Sports– a Philadelphia athletic apparel company that caters to the athlete who seeks the highest quality customized apparel – and we produce it on American soil. We are the leading direct manufacturer of custom team athletic apparel for high schools, college, clubs and professional teams in the world. Our products are designed at, manufactured in and shipped from Philadelphia, PA. No one does what we do as well as we do it. Our products are designed for athletes by athletes. We are made in the USA and stand for everything that comes with that.

About Boathouse

Boathouse is the leading direct manufacturer of custom team athletic attire. Our customer base ranges from high school to professional teams.   All items are produced onsite in Philadelphia, PA. Boathouse creates the best performance products with the finest technical fabrics, quality construction, and the most reliable, responsible customer service in the industry.





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