Introducing: Limited Edition Extreme Weather Gore-Tex Stevenson Jacket

Here at Boathouse, we’re always looking to push the envelope when it comes to designing and manufacturing elite athletic wear. That’s why we’re proud to announce the new, redefined, yet timeless Limited Edition Extreme Weather Gore-Tex Stevenson Jacket. Originally developed for top-level Olympic athletes, the Stevenson jacket is now back and better than ever with awesome upgrades tailored specifically to meet the needs of NFL players. We had some of our flagship GORE-TEX® fabric left over from the custom-made outerwear that we delivered to pro football, and in the spirit of sustainability we’re giving it new life in 53 of our most cutting-edge sports jackets yet. Not only is GORE-TEX® waterproof, windproof, breathable, and comfortable, we’ve added interior quilted lining for increased warmth, taking our classic Stevenson to the left level.

When you need to perform at your best in rain, sleet, snow, or freezing temps, count on Boathouse for gear that will help you get the job done every time. Our GORE-TEX® jackets will fully protect you from even the harshest weather conditions, with innovative engineering for optimal performance.

 This truly is a limited run of 53; when we’re out, we’re out. So, if you're interested, make your move. Like a gold medal–hungry Olympian competing in their final event, it’s now or never.

Extreme Weather Gore-Tex Stevenson Jacket on man

GORE-TEX® Jackets Made for the Pros

The limited-edition Extreme Weather GORE-TEX® Gusset Stevenson jacket was made to check off every box on the wish list of the NFL players who commissioned them. Exceptional features of include:


  • Open cape ventilation on those extra sweaty days
  • Handsome burgundy color
  • Orbital Shoulder gusset for superior movement
  • Extended tail that you can sit on for warmth or tuck up into the jacket when not needed
  • Drawcord bottom opening with cord lock for easy fit adjustment
  • Side zippered back pocket for storage that’s out of the way when in the catch position
  • Rollaway hood is easily released and now includes toggles for better adjustment
  • Fully taped seams that do not allow water to get in anywhere

 The relaxed-fit Stevenson jacket is available in unisex sizes ranging from XS-2XL.

 Designed with the iconic “tuck tail,” the Stevenson is an incredibly versatile jacket, and was an instant hit with the U.S. rowing team at the 1976 Olympics. Orbital gussets for improved shoulder movement and an ultra-soft flannel lining made the Stevenson comfortable, warm, and ready for action. For warming up, training, and relaxing, this groundbreaking jacket has proven popular with athletes from many different sports and at all levels.

Unmatched Breathability in a Waterproof Jacket

The Extreme Weather Stevenson gets its unmatched breathability from Boathouse’s flagship fabric, GORE-TEX®. Gore-Tex jackets use a patented multi-layer design to block cool air and rain, while allowing your body heat to properly vent. This is why GORE-TEX® is so popular with athletes who compete in harsh weather and people who work outside all year round; it prevents uncomfortable overheating and helps you stay focused and full of energy. At Boathouse, we carry high-quality men’s Gore-Tex jackets and women’s Gore-Tex jackets that are all made in the U.S.A.

Act Now to Get Your Limited-Edition Extreme Weather GORE-TEX® Stevenson Jacket is proud to manufacture all of our apparel, including this limited-run Stevenson jacket, right here in Philadelphia, PA. This means we can make sure that all of our high standards are met, from the first cut of fabric to the last stitch. Whether you’re a serious athlete who trains out in the elements every day, or you just want a warm, breathable, and ultra-unique waterproof jacket, the Extreme Weather Stevenson is a great choice. Order yours while supplies last, and make sure that a little bad weather doesn’t extinguish your competitive fire.

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