What Are the Different Types of Custom Hockey Jerseys?

Want to make your squad stand out on the ice with high-performance hockey jerseys made to hold up under extreme duress, no matter how intense the action gets? Boathouse makes it incredibly easy to create and order custom hockey jerseys that are pro-quality and feature your team’s logo and colors. Our customizable uniforms are the real deal – tough, high-tech, and designed to help you get the most out of your game.

Choose from several different styles of custom ice hockey jerseys—each with different design features and pricing structures. The style you choose determines the way we apply your team logo, number, and name to your ice hockey jersey. So, how can you choose the right option for your team?

Screen-Printed Hockey Jerseys

If you’re searching for budget-friendly custom sports apparel, screen-printed jerseys are a great choice. The first step is to choose a jersey style, including your primary color and piping color. Next, upload your logo.

Once we have the blank jersey selected, we’ll create a series of “screens” for each individual color on your logo. Screens are pretty similar to picture frames: we place the corresponding color of ink onto each screen. Then, we push the color through to create your custom jersey design. You’ll be able to choose up to four colors, with the price corresponding to the number of colors screen printed onto your jersey.

Sublimated Hockey Jerseys

If you want to get the most bang out of your budget, sublimated jerseys are a great choice for your custom team sportswear. You’ve probably already seen sublimated jerseys at the rink. They typically feature eye-catching designs with cool striping patterns or graphics.

With sublimated jerseys, the sky's the limit when it comes to graphics, colors, logos, names, and numbers. Sublimated jerseys start with a black or white piece of fabric, and then a computer program injects the colors according to your design. All of the colors are dyed into the jersey, so you won’t have to worry about fading or peeling after a few games.

Embroidered Hockey Jerseys

Dreaming of the vintage, retro hockey jerseys your favorite players used to wear? Consider investing in custom embroidered jerseys for your team. First, we’ll create an embroidered patch of your twill logo and hand sew it to a blank hockey jersey.

After we finish the front of your jersey, we’ll flip it over to finish the back. We can apply hand-sewn numbers to the back of your hockey jersey or sleeve, or you can really bring your jersey to life with hand-sewn individual letters. Embroidered Boathouse custom jerseys have a classic, old-school look and feel, but they’ll last for years to come.

Hybrid Jerseys

Hybrid designs are also available to help you bring your dream jersey to life. Let's say you're after a vintage embroidered logo and a striped pattern—but you're working with a limited budget. We can help you design a custom sublimated jersey with sublimated names and numbers—and we'll top it off with an embroidered logo for that "old-school" feel.

Ignite Your Team Spirit

Not all jerseys are created equal. At Boathouse, we manufacture our apparel right here in Philadelphia, PA. Whether you’re shopping for five or 500 ice hockey uniforms, we can help you choose the right jerseys for your entire team or organization.

We know how important custom hockey jerseys are to players—and we make sure our jerseys are worthy of the athletes who wear them. Count on us for high-quality custom ice hockey jerseys in a wide variety of attractive styles.