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    Field Hockey Uniforms & Shirts

    Take the field on game day with apparel that will make your squad look like champions. With field hockey uniforms from Boathouse.com, your team will have the latest in performance athletic apparel tailored for the needs of this unique sport. Field hockey requires speed, precision, agility, power, and smart teamwork. With field hockey shirts and shorts from this line, you’ll have non-restrictive activewear that won’t get in your way as you launch that perfect pass to an open teammate or sprint to get back on defense. Choose from a collection that includes both tank top jerseys, and tee-style v-neck designs.

    Women's Short-Sleeve Loose Fit Training Top
    Team $37.00 (x12)

    Field hockey apparel from this selection also features warm-up jackets that will keep you comfortable as you wait to get into the action or talk over the game plan with your coaches. These incredible light jackets also make attractive sporty-chic casual wear around campus. Every field hockey jersey, pair of shorts, and jacket in this line is made to be breathable and help you manage perspiration. Moisture wicking, airy, and lightweight, yet exceptionally durable, this popular apparel won’t let you down as the competition on the field heats up.

    Are you a team manager looking to upgrade your squad’s apparel? Boathouse.com makes it easy to customize any of these elite designs with your school’s colors and logo. Made right here in Philadelphia, this top-rated clothing is manufactured with cutting-edge materials and decades of experience behind every stitch. Place your order today and enjoy industry-best turnaround times on all customized apparel. Save custom designs to your virtual Locker Room for easy re-orders..

    Founded by Olympic athlete John Strotbeck, Boathouse.com is committed to providing exceptional customer service, a diverse variety of designs, and unbeatable quality to today’s athletes. Shop this fine line and outfit your team with the best apparel on the market.