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Browse this impressive selection of lacrosse clothing from and discover elite garments that are made for this fast-paced and action-packed game. When you’re going up against your arch rivals, you need every little advantage you can get. Premium lacrosse apparel from this line is made for long hours on the practice field and rough play on game day. Jerseys and shorts are engineered to be breathable, lightweight, and have moisture wicking properties. This will help you stay cool, dry and energized, even as the final seconds tick off the clock.

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Whether it’s the first practice of a spring season, or the last practice in fall, jackets and warm-up pants from this line will help you team stay warm and loose as you walk through the game plan or watch from the sideline. Choose from a large line of lacrosse clothes that includes sizes for men and women. Both compression-fit and standard-fit jerseys offer a full, non-restricted range of motion that won’t hold you back as you lunge for that errant pass, or wind up for a shot on goal.

Team managers will find it’s a breeze to customize their squad’s lacrosse outfits. makes it easy to create a new look with your school’s colors and logo. With the fastest turnaround times on custom apparel in the industry, you’ll have uniforms, practice apparel, jackets and more, in as little as two weeks. Upgrade your team’s look and improve performance on the field with brilliantly designed apparel from this line.

Founded by two-time Olympian John Strotbeck, is proud to manufacture superior athletic apparel right here in the USA. The perfect match of functionality, comfort, and looks, these excellent garments are made from cutting-edge fabric and crafted with decades of experience. Shop this amazing collection and upgrade your team’s apparel today.