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    Great long raincoat! Perfect for walks or commuting/sightseeing. Highly recommended!

    I live on the Puget Sound, and have a very active dog. I’ve had this coat for a couple months now and have used it as my dog-walking coat in all kinds of rain. Up front, I think it’s fantastic, and would be perfect with just two VERY minor design adjustments, which I’ll cover below. But overall, I HIGHLY recommend this coat for those who prefer longer coats and stowable hoods (hard to find in Goretex coats these days).
    This is actually pretty close in design to being a lightweight version of what the US Navy and Coast Guard are currently using. The face fabric (outer layer) is considerably lighter and more flexible, and the inner layer is mesh for breathability. Otherwise, most of the basic design is the same, though this coat is 2-3 inches longer, giving a bit more rain protection, but also being a little less comfortable for sitting down when the coat is zipped up.
    As for performance, GoreTex is well known as being the best waterproof membrane on the market, even after all these years (though E-vent Elite may have just taken that title away if it proves to be as durable). However, many GoreTex jackets still fall short at the zippers or seams and let water through anyway. Boathouse does not fall into this trap, and gives you flawless seam sealing and a robust full length double storm flap over the zipper that velcros shut very securely. After numerous hour+ long walks in everything from drizzle to heavy rain and even freezing rain, I am confident this coat is genuinely all-day weatherproof. As I said, I live on the Puget Sound, and this has been a very wet fall season, but my dog still gets three walks a day and the evening walk is usually 3 miles.
    As for temperature, I am confused as to why Boathouse advertised this as a “very warm” coat. It is not. It is a very wind-proof coat, but you’ll need to provide your own layers for any needed insulation as this coat has none. It is quite breathable though, and cuff adjustment at the wrists combined with a shock-cord waist cinch allow you to seal the air in around your torso and arms fairly well, so at least you won’t have to be too picky about what layers you wear underneath.
    NOTE: my coat had a manufacturing error and the waist cinch cord had not been passed through the eyelets in the liner and was hanging loose inside the mesh liner. After 10 minutes of fishing it about, I was able to correct the issue, but if your jacket has the same issue, be careful, the barrel toggles on either end are almost too big to pass through the eyelets - be gentle and take your time so you don’t rip the eyelet open.
    As I mentioned above, for my tastes, there are a couple design changes I think would make this coat absolutely perfect. Disclaimer, these are all tiny little nits to pick, but Boathouse, if you’re reading, I think these would all be worth considering if you’re ever looking to update the design. 1) I’d make it about 2-3 inches shorter. Find that sweet spot where it’s still a long coat but doesn’t feel weird when you sit down if it’s zipped up. If you do shorten it, a second shock cord cinch at the hem can also be very handy. 2) The inner storm flap over the zipper could be 1/4 inch narrower and still fully protect the zipper but be easier to close. As is, it presses up against the outer flap a little and wants to bunch up a bit. 3) The velcro on the storm flap is overly stiff in my opinion, but over time it may soften up, so this may actually be perfect once it breaks in over a season or two. 4) The pockets are not as ergonomically placed as they could be - even after a couple months of nearly daily use, I still find myself fumbling a bit to get into them.
    Overall, don’t let any of that dissuade you - I think is a truly outstanding rain coat for those who expect to be out in the rain for long periods, but won’t be overly active or need to spend much time sitting down. This is a great coat for walks or sightseeing or standing on the sidelines at a game. With the hood rolled into the collar and a wide-brimmed gore-tex hat, along with some gore-tex rain pants, gloves, and shoes, you could spend all day in a downpour and never feel a drop of it. Worth every penny paid, for sure.

    Best Raincoat

    I am a huge fan of Boathouse products. This raincoat in bright yellow is both functional and cheerful for Pittsburgh’s many grey days! Love it and glad I treated myself.

    Emma Shannon
    Best rain and wind gear ever!

    Repels heavy rains!! Best buy high quality!