Sewing Machine Operators

Boathouse Sports is a manufacturer and distributor of Made in the USA Athletic apparel and as such employs over 100 sewing machine operators in a well lit, air conditioned/ heated environment with professional management.  It is truly a family and team atmosphere.


We are located at:

425 East Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Cross Street:

Whitaker Ave

Our entrance is on Whitaker Ave where Boathouse can be seen on the corner of the white brick portion of the building.  This is about 500 feet from the intersection.


All prospective sewing operators will visit Boathouse to fill out an application, meet with production staff and demonstrate sewing knowledge on a commercial sewing machine.

If skills meet requirements, prospective sewing operators will be directed to our temporary agency to finish pre-work application process (identification, explain benefits, hours of work, etc).

We are only hiring full time sewing operators, 5 days per week (Monday to Friday).  Overtime hours are often available.  There are no part time positions.


Department: Sewing

Job Title: Sewing Machine Operator

Reports To: Sewing Machine Lead 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Operate various sewing machines
  • Take direction from sewing leads
  • Team work and working safely         

Operate Sewing Machines

  • Setup equipment based on order requirements (thread changes etc.)
  • Work on various equipment in work cell (single needle, multi-needle, flat lock, bar tack, etc.)
  • Perform other sewing operations (set zippers, construction sub-components 

Take direction from Sewing Lead

  • Work within group to create efficient output 

Teamwork & working safely

  • Production at boathouse is a team effort
  • Work safely and follow all plant rules 


  • Sewing experience REQUIRED
  • English speaking not required