There’s been a lot of buzz about the new sponsorship direction that USRowing has chosen to take. We thought you’d like to know our take on it.

While business is business, and we greatly enjoyed our long-running partnership with USRowing and respect their decision to take a different path, we hear our fellow industry players who have been taken aback by being excluded from major national events. Healthy competition is the core of athletics, and we fully support JLRacing's point of view on that matter.

What We Want You to Know

Boathouse is not going anywhere.

We are a proud part of the rowing community. Always have been. Always will be.

Our company was founded and is led by an Olympic athlete, John Strotbeck, who continues to have an unparalleled love for rowing that is infectious across Boathouse. While we make product for many sports, we were born from rowing, and always pull together as a team with that mentality.

From producing the Original Stevenson Weathershirt first used by Olympians in 1976 to developing the latest innovations for the 2016 Olympic rowers in Rio, our focus on the sport is steadfast; and it is no small feat that this product has been handmade, in our own factory, continuously, for more than 40 years. Product being made in America for America's finest athletes is a no-brainer; we are particularly disheartened that that will no longer be the case under the new sponsorship.

We are redoubling our efforts to maintain and continue to grow our relationship with all the incredible athletes, their families, their friends, and their supporters that we have gotten to know personally over decades of supporting and sponsoring events.

The Crew Shop you know and love is not going away. We’re rebuilding quickly; and we hope you’ll be impressed by the new variety of product, and an entirely new experience to build your own custom suits.

The Sport and the Athletes are the Community

No one can take that away; no organization, and certainly no corporation.

Our Mission Statement

We at Boathouse are committed to all those who strive to be their best, who are determined to succeed, and who understand that working together is what Sport is all about.

We believe that spirit drives everything we do.

We believe in