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    Mission Pullover, Men's Mission 2-Color Supplex, Knit Cuffs OLD 1652

    Color A Black ( #222222)
    Color B Black ( #222222)
    Main Zipper Color Athletic Gold ( #FBC432)
    Gusset Color Athletic Gold ( #FBC432)
    Piping true
    Piping Color Athletic Gold ( #FBC432)
    Pockets Zippered Pockets (+$7.00)
    Pocket Zipper Color Athletic Gold ( #FBC432)
    Select Collar / Hood style Wind Collar
    Choose your knit colors & style Black / Gold
    Lining Material Micro-Mesh Lining
    Micro-Mesh Lining Color Athletic Gold ( #FBC432)
    Back Logo Embellishment 1-Color Screen Print
    Back Logo Upload
    UB Logo Style Arched Top & Flat Bottom (L8)
    Set Font: Full Block
    Top Line: Poolesville
    Bottom Line: Cross Country
    Set Size: 102.34
    Font Color: Athletic Gold ( #f5af18)
    Outline Color: None ( )
    Text, Names, and Numbers Embroidery
    Key Text Font Colour Weight Style Stroke Stroke Width Stroke 2 Stroke 2 Width
    URF-Embroidered-NameNumber Yellowtail #f5af18 0 0
    Team: Poolesville High School Cross Country
    Name Number Size Sku
    Hong Medium Medium
    Manack Large Large
    Kreske Medium Medium
    Epstein Medium Medium
    Spiliotopoulos Small Small
    Schneider Medium Medium
    Nah Small Small

    Size Sku Quantity
    Small Small 2
    Medium Medium 4
    Large Large 1

    Order Notes
    Design Assisted By: N/A - Customer Created Design
    Price Total: $704.00

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