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    Alliance Pullover Alliance Pullover, Supplex 3652E

    Color A (Top) Black ( #222222)
    Color B (Bottom) Forest ( #254946)
    Zipper Black ( #131313)
    Piping (Y/N) false
    Piping Color Reflective ( #d3d3d3)
    Team: Lower Sussex Little League
    Name Number Size Sku
    Bare 5 Small Small
    Bowen 15 Small Small
    Conaway 6 Medium Medium
    Harant 00 Small Small
    Lewis 11 Large Large
    Marvel 28 Medium Medium
    Marvel 29 X-Large X-Large
    McCabe 3 Medium Medium
    McCray 13 X-Large X-Large
    O'Shields 8 Medium Medium
    Wiest 88 Small Small
    Wille 17 Medium Medium
    Willamson 24 Medium Medium
    Bare X-Large X-Large
    Bowen X-Large X-Large
    O'Shields Large Large
    K. Murray 73 Medium Medium
    Macy 65 Small Small
    K. Lasher 11 Medium Medium
    Tamiyah 4 Medium Medium
    Jillian 5 Medium Medium
    Bella 13 Small Small
    R. Kansak 8 Large Large
    Sophie 34 Medium Medium
    Zoe 14 Large Large
    G. Hoban 77 Medium Medium
    S. Murray 2XL 2XL
    B. Blades 3XL 3XL
    T. Lasher Large Large
    L. Marvel 29 Large Large
    Romero 24 Small Small
    Daisey 12 Medium Medium
    L. Hoban 7 Medium Medium

    Size Sku Quantity
    Small Small 7
    Medium Medium 14
    Large Large 6
    X-Large X-Large 4
    2XL 2XL 1
    3XL 3XL 1

    Order Notes For the front left logo please refer to invoice CS-11794-19 but remove Allstars and replace with Softball. Softball will have athletic gold fill and white outline. For the back logo refer to the same invoice but replace 2018 with 2021 and gold fill and white outline.
    Embroidered Logos
    Key Image Download
    Upper-Left-Front-logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/356074122837784?distributorId=27432913&download=True
    Back Logo Embellishment Type 1-Color Screen Print
    Back Logo Upload
    Key Image Download
    UB-Logo-Upload https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/6206426168901390?distributorId=27432913&download=True
    Upper Back Screen Print Arched Top & Flat Bottom (L7)
    Set Font: Demonized
    Top Line:
    Bottom Line:
    Set Size: 51.86
    Font Color: Athletic Gold ( #f5af18)
    Outline Color: None ( )
    Embroidery > Names & Numbers
    Key Text Font Colour Weight Style Stroke Stroke Width Stroke 2 Stroke 2 Width
    URF-Embroidered-NameNumber Name stahls-varsitymedium #fcd305 0 0
    ULS-TS2-Number 68 stahls-varsitymedium #fcd305 #FFFFFF 8 0
    Design Assisted By: Matt J.
    Price Total: $2,777.56

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