Happy *Insert Group Name* Guaranteed

Happy BAND Guaranteed

If you don’t already know, Boathouse makes much more than just uniforms for sports teams. We cater to corporate teams, school organizations, fundraisers, E-Sports teams and even work with bands to create custom merch! One customer in particular that did not go the traditional route with sports team uniforms, was a band named Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (also known as GFM). They are a girl rock band, or what they like to call "Beautycore". They are much different than our everyday athlete, but we were able to cater to their needs as a rock band and customize the gear they wanted with no problem. They are just one out of the many customers that do not buy just for sports purposes.

Wait, I’m not an athlete but I can order from Boathouse too?

We want you to know that Boathouse can easily customize any product, not just for sports, We will make any product for any group imaginable. We work with teams so they can represent themselves in the best way possible (while looking stylish too) Many of you may not know that we do MUCH more than just uniforms, we have outerwear, T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, socks, and almost everything is easily customizable! Just send in your logo, and give us your specific colors.

Build Your Brand

We want you to be able to represent your brand in the best way possible. Everyone wants their brand to be shown in the best light. Sports teams have brands but so does your group! Whether you are in a corporate setting, greek organization, band, or even video game league. And when you are proud of your organization you want everyone to know about it, the first impression you will make on anyone is how you present yourself and what you look like. Boathouse has been manufacturing Custom Outerwear since 1989 for organizations and teams nationwide and abroad. Boathouse builds true custom outerwear to match your brand, to match the needs of your group to match your environment and to match your budget. We start with your design. Then we cut from raw materials, sew, embroider, sublimate build and inspect completely custom garments for your organization. Finally, we save these designs digitally for you to continue to reorder well into the future.

See our custom capabilities in action with this video >


Their ‘Custom’ vs our Custom

Don’t wait months for the other guys to create your “custom” black jacket with a small logo on it. Instead send in your art for your specific group, pick from our 8,000+ color combinations and dozens of styles of outerwear and apparel and we will have it out from our factory directly to you within the next 3-4 weeks!

Don’t believe us? GFM will tell you all about it...

In this video, the Flordia-based rock band tours our Philadelphia factory and shares their experience customizing their merch with Boathouse:


Like these Jerseys? Find them here>>> gfm-hockey-jersey 

Take it from them, There is no group order that we can’t do. We were able to take our Velocity Jersey and craft it into something special for them and their fans. Yes, athletes are very important to us but we accept all other groups because we want you to love what you’re wearing and how you represent your group! Just hop onto our website and with the easy to use customizer and our awesome customer service team you will find the best fit for your organization. We create Elite PERFORMANCE outerwear, no matter what task you are PERFORMING you will be happy in Boathouse!


We would like to thank GFM for the awesome video they put together and we would love it if you could go check them out at https://www.thegfmband.com 

They also have new songs out NOW for this Holiday season, so make sure you like and follow their Instagram @thegfmband for updates and more!

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