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    What You Need to Know About Reflective Running Gear

    Running enthusiasts want to get outside and hit the trail--no matter the weather—rainy or sunny, humid, or cool, day or night, even under the most challenging circumstances. Maybe you run at night or early in the morning because it works with your schedule. Or you love running solo in the dark. Reflective gear is essential no matter the weather or time of day.

    Reflective running gear is designed to make the person more visible. Running when it’s dark is exhilarating but running when it’s dark without the proper gear is dangerous. Read below to find out what to look for when choosing your reflective running gear from Boathouse.

    Types of Material

    High Visibility Material

    Hi-vis running clothing uses contrasting, bright colors to make the wearer more visible to others. For example, workers in potentially dangerous industries like construction or utilities wear this clothing when working on roads or at busy sites. Likewise, runners wearing it on  rainy days, at twilight, or break of day--are much more easily seen. At Boathouse, our hi-vis running gear is moisture-wicking, highly breathable, resilient, and easy to care for with a compression fit. Outfit yourself with the best so you can run any time, day or night.

    Reflective Material

    Reflective running gear is ready when you are. It’s constructed from a high-performance fabric--reflecting light from your immediate surroundings. A driver will see a runner when the reflective material flashes the light back in their direction. Remember, it will only work in conditions where a light source is hitting it. Our hoodie with a reflective gold flag is perfect for an early fall jog, keeping you warm and safe as you head out at twilight.

    Types of Gear

    There are several types of reflective and hi-vis athletic clothing that you should consider when making your choice. Wearing reflective or high visibility material on all sides of your body is the safest choice.

    Vests, Shirts, Pants, Shorts and Sports Bras

    Every single bit of workout clothing you wear can be outfitted with high visibility or reflective material. The key is to make sure that it’s the right material for the climate and that its reflective properties are sufficient for a safe 5K at dawn in the hot summer months, or on the coldest morning in January.

    Skullcaps and Hats

    Wearing reflective hats helps drivers see you from a distance. Choose skull caps that keep you visible and warm during the colder months or choose regular baseball caps fitted with reflective pieces. Make sure that the reflective material is placed strategically.

    Clip-On Lights and Headlamps

    You could also add a clip-on light to any part of your body that needs extra visibility. They’re lightweight enough to stick just about everywhere, making them ideal safety gear. Equipped with a quality headlamp and reflective gear, running miles in the dark on well it route is optimum. But it’s also exciting and invigorating. 

    Boathouse has a wide selection of hi-vis and reflective gear

    Boathouse has a wide selection of hi-vis and reflective athletic and running gear. Check out our collection so that you can select what suits you best and keeps you safe when you hit the trail for your run. At Boathouse, we believe that all people deserve the same top-quality gear of an Olympic athlete, and we’ve been designing and manufacturing it since 1976.

    What Are the Differences Between Golf Pants and Dress Pants?

    As people everywhere begin to pursue their favorite outdoor pastimes, the inevitable question is--what should I wear? Joggers want the latest high-tech gear. Swimmers want suits that hold up under the hot sun and salt water. And everybody wants to look their best. Golfers are no different. The dress pants vs. golf pants debate pops up whenever it's time to hit the links.

    There are key differences between the two. Read more to discover the difference so you can make more informed choices.

    Golf pants and dress pants are made from different materials.

    Understanding the differences between golf pants and dress pants and what those differences mean on the course can help you choose the right ones when you're ready to play.

    Different Materials

    Since they're more suited to the office, dress pants are made from thicker material. It allows for a more structured and tailored shape, so they are ideal for more formal settings. That thicker material, however, can make them much more difficult for a golfer.

    Golf pants are constructed from materials like polyester, cotton, or polyester-cotton blends that are much lighter and provide plenty of stretch, allowing the golfer more freedom of movement. Golfers can comfortably swing, bend, stretch, or walk. Waterproof gear is made of materials like nylon and nylon blends, keeping legs dry even when it's pouring. Fleece golf pants keep you nice and warm during chilly, rainy days.

    Lined vs. Unlined

    Dress pants are usually lined. It creates a pleasing and high-end silhouette not suitable for an outdoor sport. They would be uncomfortable, hot, and distracting. However, golf pants are not lined, so they're cooler and certainly more comfortable to wear, making them a better option out on the course.

    Golf pants and dress pants work differently

    Golf pants resist stains better.

    One of the realities of hitting the links is that at some point, a player will have to wade through muddy, wet, grassy areas. Dress pants stain easily in these circumstances since they're made from materials that weren't intended for the outdoors. On the other hand, golf pants are often fabricated from stain-resistant material, allowing you to dig deep in the marshes for those missing balls!

    Golf pants wick away moisture.

    When you're on the course, you want--and need-- to stay comfortable. It's an active sport and can cause you to sweat profusely. These pants are designed to wick away moisture so that you stay dry even in even the most humid conditions.

    Custom Gear at Boathouse

    Check out Boathouse's full collection of golf pants to see what options work for you. Whether you're hunting for sportswear for inclement weather or just want to look good, we've got you covered with our custom golf clothing.

    How Should I Dress for Golf in the Rain?

    Rain never stopped anyone from teeing off. Come rain or shine; you still want to be out on the course. So, if you're planning on heading out during inclement weather, you'll want to make things as easy for yourself as possible by wearing gear that will help keep you comfortable.

    Check out the following if you're looking for ideas about what golf apparel to throw on when the weather refuses to cooperate.

    Golf Apparel to Wear in the Rain

    The following are some of the items that'll help keep you dry in rainy weather. In fact, this golf apparel will help keep you in the game for as long as you want.


    Outerwear is an absolute must. You need to keep dry, so you don't become uncomfortable or waterlogged. You also need to ensure that your jacket will still give you a full range of motion. Gear constructed with four-way-stretch fabric is ideal. Waterproof golf pants and jackets made out of material like Gore-Tex are perfect. They are lightweight, so they don’t don't weigh you down and negatively affect your swing. Choose men's Gore-tex jackets and women's Gore-tex jackets. At Boathouse, our outerwear is engineered for optimal performance and comfort so that you stay warm and dry with a full range of movement for all 18 holes.



    If your rainy weather is accompanied by cooler temperatures, throwing on some layers will keep you cozy.

    • Use compression gear or a close-fitting yet stretchy mock neck as a base layer.
    • A fleece jacket is an excellent second layer.
    • Use the outer layer for your rain jackets and waterproof golf pants.

    Waterproof Shoes

    Soggy shoes and socks soaked by rain will take you right out of the game. Keep your feet nice and dry by throwing on waterproof golf shoes. Bring an extra pair of socks in case they get wet, too.

    Cart Mitts/Gloves

    Rain makes your clubs slippery to the touch, so find all-weather gloves that help you firmly grip the club. It will allow you to swing in the wet weather without compromising your hold. Choose cart mitts or gloves to keep your hands warm and dry if it's also cold. Make sure you keep an extra pair on hand in a carrier bag just in case.

    Spikes/Grips on Shoes

    You need to hold steady as you swing. Make sure you replace your grips and spikes before heading to the course. This will ensure that you have the traction you need without compromising your swing.

    Golf Gear to Bring When It's Raining

    In addition to your clothes, you'll need some extra gear, so your game is not affected by a downpour.


    y seem basic but carrying a towel with you can be one of the best things you bring when playing in the rain. Not only will you need it to wipe down your face and hands, but you can also use it to wipe down your cart and clubs.


    A substantial umbrella is a no-brainer in inclement weather, especially when dealing with harsh winds.

    Keep Cool (and Dry) When Golfing in the Rain

    Don't let a little rain stop you from scoring a perfect round. At Boathouse, we have everything you need to battle the elements, from waterproof golf jackets to waterproof golf pants. Reach out to us if you have any questions about the gear you need to keep going when the weather is not cooperating. 

    Boathouse Sports and ChappyWrap Collaborate on New Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket

    Chappy Wrap

    Performance outerwear innovator Boathouse Sports is proud to announce our first-ever collaboration with ChappyWrap, a leader in manufacturing woven, heirloom-quality blankets that are known the world over for their extraordinary comfort and coziness. We’ve partnered together to release a first-of-its-kind water resistant outdoor blanket collection, featuring attractive designs and premium textiles and fabrics that are made to last. Featuring our unique, high-tech Supplex® fabric, these blankets are made for optimal functionality, keeping you dry and comfortable during all of your favorite outdoor activities, from picnics and camping to boating or watching an outdoor sports event.

     We believe that teamwork brings out the best in us. This is true on the river, on the track, and on the court - and it's also true in the design world. When we got together with ChappyWrap, we knew something special was on the horizon. We set out to make a water-resistant mid-warmth blanket that’s perfect for the campsite, the beach, the stadium, or the porch. The result is the new water-resistant outdoor blanket available now, exclusively at ChappyWrap.com. We feel that we’ve created a water-resistant blanket that’s perfect for outdoor environments that can be wet or rainy at times, but also something that is soft and comfy enough to curl up with on your couch while you binge-watch your favorite shows (in our case, replays of the 1984 and 1988 Olympics!).

    The Benefits of Supplex Fabric

    So how exactly do you make a blanket that is warm, soft to the touch, and water-resistant? The answer is a jet air textured nylon fabric known as supplex fabric. This high-tech material feels so much like 100% cotton that many people can’t tell the difference. Supplex is also breathable, holds its shape, dries quickly, and retains its color. The water-resistant blanket from Boathouse Sports and ChappyWrap features a soft cotton-blend on one side, and our Supplex fabric on the other. This combo checks all the boxes for comfort, durability, looks, feel, breathability, and water-resistant properties.

    Learning from Decades of Making Top-Quality Waterproof Outerwear

    As you know, Boathouse Sports has decades of experience producing the highest-quality waterproof outerwear. We’ve learned that our customers have very high expectations for waterproof and water-resistant clothing. With this new blanket, we’ve taken years of experience and customer feedback into account. Our ChappyWrap collaboration allowed us to create a blanket that can be used in all the same places you’d expect to find Boathouse apparel. Great places to use your water-resistant blanket include: 

    • A late-season football game
    • The sidelines on a chilly day
    • At the campsite or around the fire pit
    • On the beach on a cool summer night
    • Any outdoor setting where you need a little extra warmth

    Together with ChappyWrap, we also know that style matters. Our new water-resistant outdoor blanket is available in four designs, including True North Navy, Casco Bay Stripe, Classic Navy Stripe, and Fair Winds Navy. Not only will it keep you feeling warm and comfortable, but it will also look amazing.

    Don’t Forget Your Water-Resistant Jackets

    Remember, just because you have a water-resistant blanket, it doesn’t mean you can leave your jacket at home. At Boathouse Sports, we’ve had the water-resistant jackets vs. waterproof jackets debate many times, and the best choice depends very much on your environment, the amount of time you’re going to spend in the elements, and how much breathability you require. Of course, whether you’re going waterproof or water-resistant, it’s always a good move to bring one of these new blankets along. Head over to ChappyWrap.com and find the right design today.

    Check Out the Limited-Edition Title IX Tailwind Unisex Hoodie

    Boathouse Sports is proud to announce the new limited-edition Title IX Tailwind unisex hoodie. Part of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title IX is an important law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or educational program that receives federal funding. Because of this rule, women’s sports in the United States are meant to receive equal monetary funding to men’s athletic programs. Though there are still problems with funding equity, Title IX greatly narrowed the gap. When you see American women dominating in international competitions, Title IX is a big reason why. Of course, you don’t have to make the Olympics to enjoy a level playing field; millions of American girls and women have enjoyed all the benefits of athletics because of this landmark legislation.

    As Title IX turns 50 this June, Boathouse Sports wanted to do something special to commemorate this milestone, while also empowering female athletes of the future. With 77% of the Boathouse workforce comprised of women, and our brand’s special attention to women’s collegiate sports, we thought it was only fitting to do something special to celebrate this significant anniversary. In the spirit of all-inclusiveness, our Title IX Tailwind unisex hoodie is a performance garment that men, women, and non-binary folk can wear.

    Support a Good Cause With Our New Unisex Hoodies

    Title IX Tailwind Hoodie

    Whoever you are, if you want an elite performance hoodie and want to support a good cause, the Title IX unisex hoodie is for you. Boathouse Sports is donating 10% of proceeds from the sale of this hoodie to the Women Leaders in College Sports Foundation. This foundation, in conjunction with the Pioli Family Endowed HBCU Scholarship, supports women who are seeking a career in sports leadership. It’s a great way to help ensure that women continue to make strides, not just on the field, court, or track, but in positions that can significantly shape the sports world and help us take those final steps towards true gender equality in athletics.

    Performance Hoodies You Can Count On

    The limited-edition Title IX Tailwind is more than a collector’s item. Like other Tailwind performance hoodies, it’s premium activewear that’s engineered for fit, durability, and comfort. It features Stretch-Lite fabric for a non-restrictive fit, a warm drawstring hood with a raised neckline, and a scalloped bottom that further aids mobility, especially if you’re a rower. A large front pocket is great for holding small items, and moisture-wicking fabric pulls perspiration away from your skin when the race heats up. Whether you’re training for a regatta against rival schools, or simply going for a jog on a chilly morning, you can count on a Tailwind hoodie to keep you comfortable and reach your top performance level.

    Tailwind Hoodies are the Choice of Champions

    Tailwind hoodies are some of the most popular unisex hoodies that Boathouse manufactures. From NCAA programs to Olympic athletes, they remain go-to apparel, especially during warmups and when athletes train in less-than-perfect weather. Though it takes more than precision-designed apparel to make you a champion, it’s always reassuring to know you’re training with the best performance outerwear on the market. With the Title IX unisex hoodie, you can get that confidence and comfort, and know that you’re helping a very important cause. This pullover hoodie is highly recommended for any athlete who supports women’s sports and desires first-rate activewear.