What is a Parka Jacket?

A parka jacket is a warm, comfortable, breathable piece of winter wear. Originally created to block out the cold and prevent body heat from escaping, parka jackets offer the best of both worlds when it comes to style and function.

Parka jackets from Boathouse.com are equipped with a warm lining and protection against the cold, all while providing a sleek, modern look, making them the perfect option for athletes and outdoor adventurers. Here’s what you need to know about parkas to stay comfortable, warm, and ready for action.

Anorak Jackets

One popular type of parka jacket, anoraks, are hip-length, hooded, pullover jackets with a short zipper at the hood. Unlike your average parka, anorak jackets are typically designed without a front opening.

The Inuits, who are credited with the creation of this style of jacket, lined their anoraks with fur for added protection against the cold, but today's anoraks can be stuffed with down and synthetics. Meanwhile, some anoraks lack any insulation, only acting as a breathable water- and wind-proof shell layer on colder days.

Anorak jackets are a practical option for outerwear whether you’re canoeing, hiking, or catching a football game. From the fit and fabrics to the colors and detailing, anoraks come in all shapes and sizes. Better yet, anoraks are timeless—they never go out of style, making them a must-have for any cold-weather wardrobe.

Sports Parka Jackets

Sports parka jackets are engineered to keep your team warm while remaining lightweight and breathable, even in warmer weather. Need to stay warm before your next heat? Waterproof swim parkas are the perfect poolside sports apparel. These same designs can double as rugged outdoor gear that can keep you protected from the rain and wind—even during the roughest rainstorms.

Manufactured with elite athletes in mind, our top-quality parkas come equipped with innovative features, including hoods that can trap body heat and comfortable lining materials. If you’re looking to keep your squad warm on cold days, our winter outerwear can help your athletes look the part without sacrificing their comfort.

Custom Parka Jackets

Teams that dress together perform better—whether you’re warming up for your next soccer match, stretching before practice, or strategizing with the coach.

At Boathouse, we make it easy to bring your design vision to life with custom outerwear that showcases your team’s colors, logo, and lettering. To design a custom parka jacket for your team or organization, all you have to do is upload your design or use our online tool.

When you choose custom jackets, you’re opening yourself up to a new world of personalization options. You can create a sleek, all-black parka with your team’s logo for style points, or you can design an old-school parka with knit colors matching your team’s colors. Custom parka jackets are a great way to turn up the heat on the field with captivating, head-turning designs and unrivaled comfort. When it comes to design options, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Superior-Quality Parka Jackets

Choosing the right parka jacket can make all the difference during your next hiking trip, soccer game, or outdoor adventure. At Boathouse.com, we manufacture top-quality jackets right here in Philadelphia, PA.

Whether you’re shopping for a new sports parka jacket or custom parka jackets for your whole team, rely on Boathouse for apparel that will last for years to come.

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