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    Parka Jackets: Premium Athletic Outerwear

    Keep warm and comfortable, whether you’re cheering your team on from the bleachers or strategizing with your squad on the sideline in a parka jacket from Boathouse.com. If you play a spring or fall sport, you know the weather can sometimes be less than ideal. Whether you’re waiting to get into the field hockey, lacrosse or rugby game, carrying your shell down to the river, or trying to stay loose during spring training, parkas from this collection will help you stay comfortable. Choose from a diverse line that includes waterproof garments that will keep you dry in a downpour, and insulated apparel for when the mercury starts to plummet.

    $105.00 (x6)
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    From $110.00 (x6)

    With an anorak jacket or parka from this line, you’ll have protection against the elements from your neck, all the way down to your mid-thigh. Select a hooded design and keep that howling wind and chilly rain away from your head. Adaptable zip-up jackets can be worn open to prevent overheating, and are manufactured from breathable materials to help regulate temperature. Tailored for a non-restrictive fit and made from durable fabric, these elite jackets are attractive, sporty-chic casual wear for everything from a hike through the woods to a day off spent running errands in town.

    Are you your team’s coach or equipment manager? Jackets from this collection are fully customizable. Add your school’s logo and team colors to a fine parka and make sure your squad looks and feels amazing as they get fired up for the regatta or championship game. Boathouse.com proudly manufactures apparel in Philadelphia, PA, and offers industry-best turnaround times on customized performance activewear. Shop this outstanding collection today.