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40 Years of Innovation. Born of Olympic Heritage.

The origin of Boathouse dates back to the '70s when Olympic rower Hugh Stevenson, racing at the World Rowing Championship in Lucerne, Switzerland traded a pair of the highly sought after “blue jeans” with a Soviet athlete in exchange for a rowing jacket. Over the next 2 years, Hugh re-designed the jacket with some very cool and functional features to create the iconic Stevenson Jacket. The uniqueness of the jacket was in the invention of the “Orbital Shoulder Gussets” which provided freedom of movement like no other jacket in the marketplace. It was worn for the first time by the USA Olympic Rowing team at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, and continues today to be a best-seller for teams and athletes around the world.

Since then, we've expanded our line of products to become a premier manufacturer of performance apparel, outfitting athletes and teams across a range of sports on and off the field. With heritage and innovation as our guide, we strive to create gear that's rich in our heritage and impeccable in craftsmanship and design.

We believe in the creation of performance essentials that are authentic, functional and timeless.
We believe in the collective determination, dedication and drive of all those who strive to succeed.
We believe in The United State of Athletes.

Designed, Tested and Made in Philadelphia, USA.