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    SINCE 1976

    It all started with a mission, that became a jacket, that became a mission.

    Founded by Olympic rower, John Strotbeck, Boathouse was born from a single item, the iconic Stevenson Jacket. With its classic comfort and signature “tuck tail,” it was worn for the first time by the USA Olympic Rowing team at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, where it became an instant hit.

    Believing that all people deserve the same high-quality gear and effortless style of Olympic athletes, Strotbeck returned to Philadelphia and began crafting elite performance outerwear for everyday life. Both an athlete and an artist, he hand drew the company’s first catalog. He named the company for the classic rowing social clubs he once called home: Boathouse.

    Today, Boathouse makes a complete line of signature outerwear and performance essentials that instills competitive heritage in every hand-stitched thread. With the highest-quality, hand-selected materials and impeccable craftsmanship, each item is still made in Philadelphia and designed for life—authentic, functional and timeless.

    At Boathouse, we’ve outfitted Olympic teams, professional sports teams, elite university teams and neighborhood teams – from the serious to the social. We’re the jacket you want to sleep in, the gear you want to win in, and the style you want to be seen in.

    We’re not just a company. We’re a community of like-minded athletes and artists who believe that the best clothes bring out the best in all of us. After four decades, we still believe in comfort without compromise, style without substitution, and elite performance for all.

    Because in a world of relentless competition, it’s nice to know we’re all really on the same team.