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    Chappy Wrap x Boathouse Collab

    Stay warm and dry while you enjoy camping, picnicking, or outdoor sports with water-resistant Chappy Wrap blankets from Boathouse. Made from high-tech Supplex fabric, these water-resistant blankets are designed to be soft to the touch, warm, and durable. Should a drizzle start to fall, no worries. Supplex fabric features a woven nylon shell that helps repel moisture. These stylish blankets are highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay comfortable outdoors, especially in environments like sports stadiums where the weather can be unpredictable.

     Hanging out around the lake? Having a bonfire on the beach? Going for a voyage on your sailboat? Even if precipitation isn’t in the forecast, these water-resistant blankets are still a smart choice. They’ll keep a splash from a rogue wave or a mischievous kid from ruining your blanket for the evening. Crafted in partnership with Chappy Wrap, these water-resistant throw blankets are available in a range of attractive designs. Not only are they incredibly functional, essential gear for any camping trip, they’ll also look amazing in your pics.

     Boathouse Sports was founded by two-time Olympic rower John Strotbeck. We understand the importance of well-made waterproof and water-resistant gear for people who spend time outdoors and around water. We have a commitment to quality that is shared by the folks at Chappy Wrap, and we are extremely proud to share our collaborative creation with you. Along with water-resistant jackets and other waterproof outerwear, these new blankets from Boathouse and Chappy Wrap will help you make the most of your time outdoors.