What You Need to Know About Reflective Running Gear

Running enthusiasts want to get outside and hit the trail--no matter the weather—rainy or sunny, humid, or cool, day or night, even under the most challenging circumstances. Maybe you run at night or early in the morning because it works with your schedule. Or you love running solo in the dark. Reflective gear is essential no matter the weather or time of day.

Reflective running gear is designed to make the person more visible. Running when it’s dark is exhilarating but running when it’s dark without the proper gear is dangerous. Read below to find out what to look for when choosing your reflective running gear from Boathouse.

Types of Material

High Visibility Material

Hi-vis running clothing uses contrasting, bright colors to make the wearer more visible to others. For example, workers in potentially dangerous industries like construction or utilities wear this clothing when working on roads or at busy sites. Likewise, runners wearing it on  rainy days, at twilight, or break of day--are much more easily seen. At Boathouse, our hi-vis running gear is moisture-wicking, highly breathable, resilient, and easy to care for with a compression fit. Outfit yourself with the best so you can run any time, day or night.

Reflective Material

Reflective running gear is ready when you are. It’s constructed from a high-performance fabric--reflecting light from your immediate surroundings. A driver will see a runner when the reflective material flashes the light back in their direction. Remember, it will only work in conditions where a light source is hitting it. Our hoodie with a reflective gold flag is perfect for an early fall jog, keeping you warm and safe as you head out at twilight.

Types of Gear

There are several types of reflective and hi-vis athletic clothing that you should consider when making your choice. Wearing reflective or high visibility material on all sides of your body is the safest choice.

Vests, Shirts, Pants, Shorts and Sports Bras

Every single bit of workout clothing you wear can be outfitted with high visibility or reflective material. The key is to make sure that it’s the right material for the climate and that its reflective properties are sufficient for a safe 5K at dawn in the hot summer months, or on the coldest morning in January.

Skullcaps and Hats

Wearing reflective hats helps drivers see you from a distance. Choose skull caps that keep you visible and warm during the colder months or choose regular baseball caps fitted with reflective pieces. Make sure that the reflective material is placed strategically.

Clip-On Lights and Headlamps

You could also add a clip-on light to any part of your body that needs extra visibility. They’re lightweight enough to stick just about everywhere, making them ideal safety gear. Equipped with a quality headlamp and reflective gear, running miles in the dark on well it route is optimum. But it’s also exciting and invigorating. 

Boathouse has a wide selection of hi-vis and reflective gear

Boathouse has a wide selection of hi-vis and reflective athletic and running gear. Check out our collection so that you can select what suits you best and keeps you safe when you hit the trail for your run. At Boathouse, we believe that all people deserve the same top-quality gear of an Olympic athlete, and we’ve been designing and manufacturing it since 1976.

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