Boathouse Sports and ChappyWrap Collaborate on New Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket

Chappy Wrap

Performance outerwear innovator Boathouse Sports is proud to announce our first-ever collaboration with ChappyWrap, a leader in manufacturing woven, heirloom-quality blankets that are known the world over for their extraordinary comfort and coziness. We’ve partnered together to release a first-of-its-kind water resistant outdoor blanket collection, featuring attractive designs and premium textiles and fabrics that are made to last. Featuring our unique, high-tech Supplex® fabric, these blankets are made for optimal functionality, keeping you dry and comfortable during all of your favorite outdoor activities, from picnics and camping to boating or watching an outdoor sports event.

 We believe that teamwork brings out the best in us. This is true on the river, on the track, and on the court - and it's also true in the design world. When we got together with ChappyWrap, we knew something special was on the horizon. We set out to make a water-resistant mid-warmth blanket that’s perfect for the campsite, the beach, the stadium, or the porch. The result is the new water-resistant outdoor blanket available now, exclusively at We feel that we’ve created a water-resistant blanket that’s perfect for outdoor environments that can be wet or rainy at times, but also something that is soft and comfy enough to curl up with on your couch while you binge-watch your favorite shows (in our case, replays of the 1984 and 1988 Olympics!).

The Benefits of Supplex Fabric

So how exactly do you make a blanket that is warm, soft to the touch, and water-resistant? The answer is a jet air textured nylon fabric known as supplex fabric. This high-tech material feels so much like 100% cotton that many people can’t tell the difference. Supplex is also breathable, holds its shape, dries quickly, and retains its color. The water-resistant blanket from Boathouse Sports and ChappyWrap features a soft cotton-blend on one side, and our Supplex fabric on the other. This combo checks all the boxes for comfort, durability, looks, feel, breathability, and water-resistant properties.

Learning from Decades of Making Top-Quality Waterproof Outerwear

As you know, Boathouse Sports has decades of experience producing the highest-quality waterproof outerwear. We’ve learned that our customers have very high expectations for waterproof and water-resistant clothing. With this new blanket, we’ve taken years of experience and customer feedback into account. Our ChappyWrap collaboration allowed us to create a blanket that can be used in all the same places you’d expect to find Boathouse apparel. Great places to use your water-resistant blanket include: 

  • A late-season football game
  • The sidelines on a chilly day
  • At the campsite or around the fire pit
  • On the beach on a cool summer night
  • Any outdoor setting where you need a little extra warmth

Together with ChappyWrap, we also know that style matters. Our new water-resistant outdoor blanket is available in four designs, including True North Navy, Casco Bay Stripe, Classic Navy Stripe, and Fair Winds Navy. Not only will it keep you feeling warm and comfortable, but it will also look amazing.

Don’t Forget Your Water-Resistant Jackets

Remember, just because you have a water-resistant blanket, it doesn’t mean you can leave your jacket at home. At Boathouse Sports, we’ve had the water-resistant jackets vs. waterproof jackets debate many times, and the best choice depends very much on your environment, the amount of time you’re going to spend in the elements, and how much breathability you require. Of course, whether you’re going waterproof or water-resistant, it’s always a good move to bring one of these new blankets along. Head over to and find the right design today.

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