What Are the Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Hoodies?

There is perhaps no other activewear quite as versatile as the hoodie. From a chilly morning on the track to a chill session with your friends, these incredibly adaptable garments can be worn as activewear, casual wear, or leisurewear. An outer layer on a summer night or middle layer that makes your winter jacket feel twice as warm, hoodies are truly year-round apparel. At Boathouse.com, hoodies are a top seller, especially custom hoodies for high school and college athletic programs.

 Here’s a brief list of the main differences between women’s and men’s hoodies, with more info to follow:


  • Shape
  • Fit
  • Zipper Placement

Size Is a Key Difference

For starters, the most obvious difference between men’s and women’s designs is the sizing. Women’s sizes run considerably smaller than men’s sizes, and it’s always smart to check a sizing chart, especially if you’re purchasing a hoodie as a gift. Unisex hoodies are based on men’s sizes, so if you’re a woman, plan on buying a size smaller than you usually wear. In the past, hooded sweatshirts have often been somewhat baggy and formless. Modern hoodies, however, are much more streamlined, stylish, and non-bulky, whether you’re buying men’s, women’s, or unisex.

Different Shapes for Different Bodies

Men’s and women’s bodies can differ greatly in shape, and non-unisex hoodies are tailored to reflect this. Generally, women’s performance hoodies are designed to fit a naturally more curvy body, while men’s hoodies are more rectangular. Women’s hoodies are often cut to be a little more snug-fitting, whereas men’s are a little looser, but there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. Traditionally, men’s zip-up hoodies will feature the zipper tab on the right side, while a women’s zipper tab will be on the left side, though today, it’s not always the case.

Unisex Hoodies Are a Great Option

Unisex designs are another versatile option. Similar to men’s designs, and made from stretchable fabric that can comfortably conform to a woman’s curves, unisex hoodies are always top sellers. In fact, many athletes prefer these designs to men’s or women’s designs. Like any other clothing, the “right” hoodie for you will have a lot to do with your fit preference and your personal style. What’s most important is that you feel comfortable, whether you’re training for a marathon or curled up on the couch.

Quality Matters

Whatever style you choose, quality still matters. From unisex performance hoodies, to designs for men and women, hoodies from Boathouse.com are made to meet the high standards that today’s elite athletes demand. They’re soft to the touch, yet highly durable, and engineered to help you manage perspiration and temperature while you exercise. Non-restrictive and non-bulky, they won’t hold you back or get in your way while you're stretching out or rowing towards the finish line. Founded by Olympic rower John Strotbeck and made right here in Philadelphia, PA, Boathouse.com hoodies are premium activewear that will help you reach your potential as a competitor.

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