How to Choose a Ski or Snowboard Jacket

A day spent skiing or snowboarding demands careful selection of the right gear. Along with your skis, board, and boots, you’ve also got to find a ski jacket that offers the right level of comfort and protection from the cold. We know there’s a wide range of ski and snowboard jackets out there, all of which promise to meet the most rigorous standards. So how do you decide which is really the best for you?

Here at Boathouse Sports, we have the utmost confidence in the products we offer our customers. We also have the inside knowledge you need to make the right purchase, whether you’re shopping for Gore-Tex rain jackets or other apparel. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind as you make your selection.

Research the Different Jacket Types

Snowboard jackets typically come in one of three styles. Insulated jackets offer substantial protection against the cold but may be lacking in breathability. Insulating materials can be synthetic or they can be made from water-resistant down. Next are shell styles, which includes both soft shell jackets and hard shell jackets.

Soft shells offer good resistance against less severe weather and are stars when it comes to breathability. On the other hand, hard shell jackets are slightly less breathable but ideal for layering. In this case, black Gore-Tex jackets might be a great selection to wear with multiple layers.

Then there’s the 3-in-1 jackets, which are available in two pieces that can be worn together or separately for maximum comfort.

Determine the Best Size

When sizing Gore-Tex ski jackets, there are a few essential factors to consider. You must measure specific areas of the body, including the jacket and sleeve length, as well as chest circumference and bottom circumference. Having accurate measurements ensures the best possible fit, while also helping you find women’s and men's Gore-Tex rain jackets that offer unbeatable comfort.

While protection from the elements is crucial, a comfortable jacket ensures you feel your best on the slopes.

Explore the Different Features

Gore-Tex snowboard jackets also offer a variety of special features designed to tighten jacket openings to prevent wind, rain, and snow from getting in. For example, many men’s and women's Gore-Tex rain jackets have cinch cords at the bottom, as well as closures on the wrist to protect your arms from harsh weather.

Of course, hoods are standard with many jackets, and detachable hoods offer great versatility on days with milder weather. Some features can also help you cool down if it’s warmer than expected, such as armpit zippers to increase the flow of air over your body.

Other features to consider are front zipper covers, powder skirts, and pockets.

No matter where you ultimately stand on jacket selection, you’re bound to be impressed by what Boathouse Sports has to offer. Our men's ski and snowboard jackets are designed for maximum quality and protection in mind. Similarly, we provide a range of women's ski and snowboard jackets suited to all types of conditions and needs.

Review our selection today to find a quality product you can rely on.

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