Ski & Snowboard Jackets


      Our ski jackets keep you warm and protected from wind, water, and icy temperatures so you can focus on leaving your competition eating powder. When you need competition-caliber snow gear you can count on, we have you covered with Gore-Tex ski jackets that give you a tough outer layer to fend off the elements while an inner mesh wicks moisture away and allows your skin to breathe, keeping you comfortable all day long. Whether you’re outfitting your team to challenge for a championship with coordinated women’s and men’s ski and snowboard jackets or just making sure you’re ready for the next family ski trip with a stylish black Gore-Tex jacket, we have the outerwear you want when the snow is perfect and you're ready to make the most of it.

      Snowboarding and Ski Jackets for Competitors at All Levels

      From the lodge to the lift and back down again, Gore-Tex jackets have made a name for themselves as must-have snow layers, and we’ve paired this industry-leading material with designs based on real-world feedback from elite athletes who demand performance that meets their passion. Featuring velcro and drawstring fitment adjustments that customize the feel to meet your comfort level, Gore-Tex snowboard jackets are designed to move with your body through a full range of motion without leaving the big gaps that rob you of body heat and chill you with melting powder.

      Elite Made-in-USA Snow Outerwear

      Our men’s Gore-Tex Jackets and corresponding women’s Gore-Tex jackets are perfect for cheering from the sideline, coaching your squad to victory, or freestyling in your free time. Each snow jacket is made to the same high standards John Strotbeck, our company founder, set for his gear when training for the Olympics–it has to perform under pressure, help athletes reach their full potential, and represent American values. Our Pennsylvania-made apparel gets the job done when temperatures drop. Order your men’s and women’s ski and snowboard jackets from Boathouse Sports today.