What Are the Differences Between Golf Pants and Dress Pants?

As people everywhere begin to pursue their favorite outdoor pastimes, the inevitable question is--what should I wear? Joggers want the latest high-tech gear. Swimmers want suits that hold up under the hot sun and salt water. And everybody wants to look their best. Golfers are no different. The dress pants vs. golf pants debate pops up whenever it's time to hit the links.

There are key differences between the two. Read more to discover the difference so you can make more informed choices.

Golf pants and dress pants are made from different materials.

Understanding the differences between golf pants and dress pants and what those differences mean on the course can help you choose the right ones when you're ready to play.

Different Materials

Since they're more suited to the office, dress pants are made from thicker material. It allows for a more structured and tailored shape, so they are ideal for more formal settings. That thicker material, however, can make them much more difficult for a golfer.

Golf pants are constructed from materials like polyester, cotton, or polyester-cotton blends that are much lighter and provide plenty of stretch, allowing the golfer more freedom of movement. Golfers can comfortably swing, bend, stretch, or walk. Waterproof gear is made of materials like nylon and nylon blends, keeping legs dry even when it's pouring. Fleece golf pants keep you nice and warm during chilly, rainy days.


Lined vs. Unlined

Dress pants are usually lined. It creates a pleasing and high-end silhouette not suitable for an outdoor sport. They would be uncomfortable, hot, and distracting. However, golf pants are not lined, so they're cooler and certainly more comfortable to wear, making them a better option out on the course.

Golf pants and dress pants work differently

Golf pants resist stains better.

One of the realities of hitting the links is that at some point, a player will have to wade through muddy, wet, grassy areas. Dress pants stain easily in these circumstances since they're made from materials that weren't intended for the outdoors. On the other hand, golf pants are often fabricated from stain-resistant material, allowing you to dig deep in the marshes for those missing balls!

Golf pants wick away moisture.

When you're on the course, you want--and need-- to stay comfortable. It's an active sport and can cause you to sweat profusely. These pants are designed to wick away moisture so that you stay dry even in even the most humid conditions.

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