Introducing the Limited-Edition Recycled Gore-Tex Stevenson Jacket

Boathouse Sports is proud to announce our new limited-edition Reclaimed Gore-Tex Stevenson Jacket. When it comes to waterproof outdoor apparel, Gore-Tex is the choice of most premium brands. Pair this exceptional fabric technology with our famous Stevenson jacket, and you get breathable, waterproof, and windproof apparel that’s perfect for athletes who train and compete in the elements. Even better, this limited-edition line is made from reclaimed materials. This means in addition to getting an elite jacket, you’re also doing something kind for the planet.

Reclaimed Stevenson

Legendary Jacket Design

Designed by Boathouse founder John Strotbeck for the 1976 Olympics, the Stevenson owes its popularity to one distinct feature: the extended tail. This patch of extra waterproof coverage makes sitting on a damp bench totally comfortable. It’s a game-changer when it’s needed, and can be tucked away when it’s not. Other perks of the Stevenson jacket include a roll-away hood, a micro-mesh moisture-wicking inner lining, taped seams for legit waterproofing, and orbital gusset shoulders for non-restrictive arm motion. The Stevenson has plenty of pockets, a drawcord bottom, and a ventilated cape to further add breathability.

Revolutionary Fabric

Before Gore-Tex, apparel was either waterproof and non-breathable (think of a yellow rubber raincoat), or prone to getting wet in inclement weather. Gore-Tex jackets use a polymer technology to create a layer that lets air pass, but blocks water droplets. Usually, there’s also a comfort layer that provides a soft feel and moisture-wicking properties, and an outer layer of material that may feature a water-repellent coating.

Boathouse Sports carries a selection of Gore-Tex rain jackets, including insulated parkas for the cold winter months and lightweight designs for the in-between seasons.

Reclaimed Materials

The story of how this specific design came to be goes back to the 1990s, when colleges and universities were requesting more apparel to keep their players comfortable during games. One of our clients was the University of Tennessee. As sports fans may already know, Tennessee’s main color is a unique shade of orange. It was quite difficult to dye properly, but we finally figured it out. Around this time, Boathouse was working on a Stevenson jacket for the U.S. Military, made from olive green Gore-Tex. After these orders, we were left with rolls of each color. Since neither of these colors is particularly common when it comes to sports team colors, the rolls of high-quality Gore-Tex simply sat in a warehouse.


Fast-forward to last year, when a member of our team had the brilliant idea to reclaim the spare fabrics and make a new Stevenson jacket. As fate would have it, the Tennessee orange and the Army green look incredible together. We've saved fabric that otherwise might have ended up in a landfill and created an attractive look that's wind/waterproof, breathable, and has extra coverage when you need it.

Made Right Here in Philadelphia

Boathouse is proud to manufacture our clothing right here in Philadelphia, PA. Our line of men’s Gore-Tex rain jackets and women’s Gore-Tex rain jackets features off-the-rack options and designs that are fully customizable and perfect for team wear. Find the apparel you need to stay comfortable, even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

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