What Are Gore-Tex Pants?

Rainy days are standard in places like the Pacific Northwest, while in sunny Southern California, they are rare. But, of course, when you’re stuck in the rain, that feeling of being wet, clammy, and uncomfortable is the same--whether you’re in Seattle or San Diego. This is where waterproof apparel comes in. From plastic ponchos to the classic yellow rubberized raincoat, there are many ways to keep from getting wet. However, most of these garments have a significant drawback--they are not breathable.

Gore-Tex is a material designed to block water droplets while allowing air and water vapor to get through. Gore-Tex pants are made with this waterproof, breathable material. Other common items made with Gore-Tex include jackets and gloves. For this blog, we’ll be talking about rain pants, but all Gore-Tex apparel works the same way.

How Does Gore-Tex Work?

Gore-Tex is a flexible membrane of stretched Teflon that has pores big enough for air to pass through but repels water droplets. Gore-Tex waterproof pants and other apparel often have a soft layer against the skin and an outer layer—which protects the inner polymer against abrasion, heat, dirt, and other things that may cause damage to its waterproof capabilities. Often, this outer layer is covered with a DWR (durable water repellent) coating to keep it from becoming water saturated. Gore-Tex gear made for colder environments will also have layers of inner insulation.

Best Settings for Gore-Tex Pants

Gore-Tex pants are popular with hikers in wet climates, people who fish, people who work outside, golfers, and athletes who train outdoors. Basically, anywhere it’s wet is a good setting to wear Gore-Tex pants. Keep in mind the level of insulation in your clothing, though. For example, you don’t want to feel overheated and uncomfortable by wearing a winter jacket on a summer fishing trip. Make sure you have the right pants for the season--cutting-edge Gore-Tex technology will ensure you’re cool and dry.

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