How to Make Custom Jerseys

If you really want to make your team stand out from the competition, creating the right custom uniforms is a must. Unique jerseys featuring your team’s logo and coloring will make a strong statement about your squad’s individuality, and they can help your players feel a stronger sense of identity as teammates. Whatever your sport is, having custom team apparel can only boost your players' confidence. 

Worried that the process of ordering uniforms will be tedious and time-consuming? Don’t be - that's where Boathouse comes in. We make the process easy with our special uniform design tool and a helpful support team. Our products are made right here in Philadelphia, PA, and we prioritize high quality - so you can always feel confident ordering from us! Here's what you can expect when you purchase your jerseys from Boathouse. 

A Variety of Styles for Custom Uniforms and Sports Jerseys

When you head to our website to order new custom sports jerseys for your team, you'll begin by picking the style you want. Boathouse offers a wide selection of jersey styles for both men's and women's teams, featuring a variety of sharp and eye-catching designs. You can find the style that best suits the attitude and personality of your team, whether you need a uniform for basketball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, or another sport. The result will be a jersey that your players will be proud to display both on and off the field! 

Easy Customization Options for Custom Team Jerseys and More

Once you have chosen a style for your new uniform, you will be able to customize a suitably striking design for it. You can choose the size, lettering, and placement of your team's logo, and you can order the uniform in your team's colors. The process is straightforward and simple, and you'll be able to finalize and submit your design online. Once you have placed your order for your new custom team jerseys or custom sports shirts, our company will take care of the rest! 

High-Quality Production Value

Finally, Boathouse will create professional-quality uniforms for your players. These are carefully crafted, hand-stitched garments that are comfortable and durable. All of our custom team jerseys are shipped directly to you from our factory in Philadelphia. Our embroidered, screenprinted, heatsealed, or sublimation jerseys are designed to hold up for a lifetime of use, so your players can wear them with confidence. We can guarantee that you, your team, and your team's fans will love your new uniforms! 

When it's time to reorder new uniforms for a new year—and new players—we make the process as easy as possible, even if it's been a while since your last purchase. Just put in your new order, and we'll get you your uniforms as quickly as possible. 

At Boathouse, we have placed more than 500,000 custom uniform orders for our customers and counting! We believe that great uniforms make for great players, so we’re committed to offering the best apparel possible. We offer a wide variety of options for custom jerseys for you and your team to choose from, so don't hesitate to check out our online shop! 

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