Happy Team Guaranteed Part 2 – PJPII Panthers Swim Team

In part two of our ongoing “Happy Team Guaranteed” series, we customize our Freestyle/Deck Swim Parka for the Pope John Paul II HS Panthers swim team from Royersford, PA. Watch Coach Emily easily place her custom outerwear jacket order online in minutes before her team’s jackets hit the floor of our Philadelphia Factory, where they’re produced and shipped factory direct to the PJPII Swim Team in only four 4 weeks! 

Order details: The Pope John Paul II Panthers ordered our top-selling 2 color protech Freestyle/Relay Deck Parka with extra warm fleece lining and bright yellow 2-way zippers to match their signature Panthers brand colors. They uploaded 2 logos directly to our website – one for embroidery on the right chest and another for silkscreening on the back in 2 colors. 

When you order your custom team uniforms and Elite Performance Outerwear with Boathouse we put our factory at your fingertips all form the convenience of your computer. You choose the style, colors and fabric, upload your art then let us do the rest! All custom orders ship factory-direct from Philadelphia in 4 weeks. Happy Team Guaranteed!


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