How to Choose the Best Custom Face Mask for You

When the Coronavirus pandemic closed schools, canceled sports, and essentially shut our core athletic apparel business down, we converted our factory into a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) production operation to help supply urgently needed medical supplies to the Philadelphia community. During this time, we designed, produced and went to market with face coverings of all types from typical 2-layer cloth masks and neck gaiters (buffs) to face shields and even a “virus busting” 3-layer mask. We also figured out quickly how to cost-effectively produce high quality custom face masks for sports teams and businesses. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about face masks…not because we wanted to, but because we had to. In this article, we’re going to discuss in detail the different types of masks and also address some frequently asked mask and face covering questions.

Custom Cloth Face Masks

It took us just over a week to design and produce our first cloth face masks. These masks are standard 2-ply masks (meaning 2 layers of cloth) that have been proven very effective against blocking the spread of aerosol particles that may contain the COVID-19 virus. They are hand-washable and reusable, and if taken care properly can last a very long time (that means don’t put in a washing machine!). They are one-size-fits-all, meaning the elastic ear loops are super-stretchy (250% stretch) and include adjustable ear loop toggles so you can customize for the perfect fit. Better yet, these custom face masks for sports can be designed completely online in minutes with our online customizer. You choose the colors, patterns and upload your logo and we do the rest in our FDA registered factory. Whether you’re looking for preppy cloth face masks, custom cloth face masks or simple 1-color masks we’ve got you covered!

Custom Cloth Face Mask 

Custom Neck Gaiters (also known as buffs)

Neck Gaiters (also called buffs) are the slightly cooler cousins of the cloth face mask. However, as popular as they are with athletes, outdoorsmen and younger adults, there has been some question into the efficacy of how much they actually protect you against the transmission of the aerosol particles that carry germs and viruses. Here’s what you need to know:

A small study from Duke University prompted fears that neck gaiters were not effective at blocking the spread of aerosol particles. In response to the Duke study, aerosol scientists conducted their own gaiter experiments. New research showed that when a single-layer gaiter was worn doubled up, it was highly effective at blocking a range of particle sizes.

Within just 1 week of hearing this news, we updated our old single-layer gaiter design to address these findings by adding a second layer of fabric for extra protection. #ChallengeAccepted!

This enhancement lets you be the coolest kid in your neighborhood while safely protecting yourself (and others) from the spread of COVID-19. In addition to stock retail options, our custom neck gaiter for sports teams can be designed online in minutes using your patterns, your logo and your colors. We’ll make them and ship factory direct from our Philadelphia factory in just a few weeks.

Neck Gaiter (Buff) 

Face Shields

If you want maximum protection, adding a face shield along with a cloth mask will provide ultimate protection not just from breathing and inhaling particles, but from viral aerosol particles entering through the eyes too. Our FDA compliant face shields include one headband and one reusable PVC shield that can simply be wiped and sanitized before each use. The PVC is soft and not breakable, so it can also be used as a sports face shield on or off the field.

 Sports Face Shield

 Our Newest Mask: The EX21 3-Layer Face Mask System

The EX21 3-Layer Face Mask System is unlike any other mask on the market today, and we’re really proud of that. The EX21 mask is a three layer system that is backed by decades of science related to the ability of polypyrrole (PPy)-treated materials to use a positive charge on polymer backbones to attract negatively charged outer shells of pathogens. What does that mean? Simply put, there are 3 layers, an outer shell, a middle filter, and a “virus busting” inner layer with some really cool science behind it. This third layer is a lightweight poly which has been coated with a cutting-edge PPy coating/tech that has a positive charge which attracts pathogens (which are negatively charged). Since PPy is void of the proteins which are required for pathogens to survive it sucks them in and disarms them.

The EX21 can be purchased for immediate shipment from our in stock options or be customized in an unlimited numbers of colors/ designs.

EX21 3-Layer Face Mask System

Customize Your Face Mask or Neck Gaiter Online

Customize your own cloth mask or neck gaiter online (and in minutes) here: 

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