In Response to Nike and The Kapernick Controversy

Nike has a strong history of using top athletes to build aspirational marketing campaigns. Think Mike, Roger, Serena, Alyson, Wayne, LeBron and many more. With the exception of only a few, these Nike “brand” athletes are coached and molded to fit a very clean image, void of opinion and voice or anything controversial, so as not to upset the consumer market – but not Colin Kaepernick. This time is different. Is it a coincidence that Nike releases its support and exploitation of Kaepernick days before the NFL season starts…of course not. It’s great marketing! But what's the motivation?

Like Nike, we applaud Kaepernick and other athletes for the movement that has gained momentum regarding the freedom of choice, freedom of speech, and justice for all. These virtues are what makes us uniquely American, and are the core principals we share here at Boathouse. We are proud to have started our company over 30 years ago in Philadelphia USA, the birthplace of the American way of life, and continue to do business here to this very day. We are proud to say that our custom outerwear and team uniforms are made here, handcrafted stitch by stitch, by proud Philadelphians. So while Nike is commenting on the American way of life via Kaepernick and his controversy, their product continues to be manufactured almost exclusively in China, Mexico, Honduras, and Malaysia. What's so American about that?

Read Go The Extra Mile For American Style to learn how you can help contribute to a cleaner environment, support fair wages, build a stronger economy, and keep fellow Americans employed.

Final thoughts: God bless America, support the American dream, buy American, and last but not least – Fly Eagles Fly! 

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