Locker Room and Share – Easily Save, Share And Reorder Your Team Designs

Introducing Locker Room and Share, new innovations that save time and money and removes the “old” painful steps in managing team orders. This addition to our online customizer puts our factory in your fingertips and now you can SAVE all your designs and order, SHARE them, and RE-ORDER with ease anytime with a few clicks. Factory direct + Innovation, + our product and delivery guarantee simply revolutionizes managing your Team apparel needs. puts the Factory in Your Fingertips. Design sports outerwear and uniforms, completely custom, in your colors, choices fabrics, linings & trims, add logos, geared to your sport or activity. Others have design tools online, but that’s all you can do, design. From there it’s old school. Sales Rep places order, company orders from vendor, vendor delivers (maybe on time?). You are paying multiple markups and it takes a long time.

The Boathouse Difference

Order what you create (now or re-orders) and it’s immediately manufactured by our 200+ full time craftspeople in Philadelphia, USA. Yes–we make it here. Do the brands make it here? NO. Just create an account to access your Locker Room and Share designs (and hopefully order) and get much more value for your money–and maybe even drive the US economy a bit.

With Locker Room You Can:

  • SAVE your designs to your own Locker Room. You can save as many as you can create. You can create folders to manage by team.  
  • SHARE your designs with the team to garner feedback.  
  • REORDER – you can always reorder in the future. It’s easy. Just click the prior order, put in new sizes, names, numbers, order. Done! No calls, no waiting, no brand or dealer telling you we don’t make that style anymore. Just need one? Order one. Need 100? We like that more, but you only buy what you need.

Boathouse continues to develop technology to make your team buying experience better. Boathouse invented the online Team Store exactly 10 years ago. Now we bring you DESIGN ONLINE + LOCKER + SHARE + REORDER tools. These are new and in beta, so please try and tell us what we need to do to make better for you. We will design, share, order, and re-order in future.  

Just you and Boathouse – no middleman, no excuses. Save time, save money, get the best Outerwear and uniforms, Guaranteed! – Design online and order. Product proudly 100% made in Philadelphia, USA.