The Colors of Boathouse Row

If you didn’t know already, Boathouse’s hometown is in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, the birthplace of rowing in the USA and landmark Boathouse Row. We have a special place in our heart for Boathouse Row as its where our brand came to be and what we named our brand after. It had such an impact on our brand that we even included it in our early brand marks and logos.

Boathouse Row is a national historic landmark, and often referred to as one of the ten must-see tourist destinations in the state of Pennsylvania. For those that have never been to Philly, Boathouse Row is situated on the Schuykill river with the historic Philadelphia Museum of Art as a backdrop to the west. It's historic 19th century boathouses are outlined in colorful LEDs that can light up in various colors to celebrate different events or seasons. These lights enhance the natural beauty of the Boathouses that line the river, giving Philadelphia one of the most beautiful views the city has to offer.

Here are our favorite Boathouse Row light displays that helped make Boathouse Row one of the most photographed sites in Philadelphia.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The pink lights were lit up for the whole month of October for breast cancer awareness month. They wanted to show their support by lighting up the Philly skies with a bright pink hue.

Christmas on the Schuykill

If you have been to Philadelphia during the holidays this is a display you could not have missed they are a set of fun colors including blues, green, red and white.


For the 8 days of Chanukah, the Boathouse likes to light up in blue and white, and they do a traditional Menorah Lighting!

Kwanzaa – Kinara on the Schuykill

All Holidays are celebrated at Boathouse Row, so between Dec. 26 through Jan. 1  the boathouses light up in the traditional African colors creating a Kinara on the Schuylkill River. There is a ceremony following the lighting every year.

Philly Pride

For the whole month of June, the Boathouses Light up in a rainbow of colors to celebrate The LGBTQ+ community and light up the Philly skies in a spectrum of colors to show Philly’s growing inclusive environment.

The Philadelphia Eagles

Of course, Boathouse row has to light up Green and show its Philly pride. Especially when the Eagles took home the Gold in the 2018 Super Bowl


There are many sudden events that happen every day, some more impactful than others. And one way for the rowing community and Philly to show their support is to light up the Philly sky matching alongside the other Philadelphia landmarks such as this red, white and blue french flag to support France after the tragic paris attacks in 2015...
...and more recently to honor the passing of late, great Philadelphia native Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.

Special Events

Boathouse Row also likes to show their support for local events! here is a photo of the row Showing off Drexel's school colors for their 125th Anniversary Celebration!

Next time you're in Philly stop by Boathouse Row and tag @boathousesports in your photos and let us know what light display you see!

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