The Boathouse Creative Team – Helping Our Customers Bring Their Ideas To Life

Behind the scenes of our Philadelphia Factory is where you’ll find Boathouse’s Art Department. Whether your order was placed on our website using our TC3D Online Customizer or with our trusted sales team, your order will enter the production process via the art department. Our creative team works with you to create and execute your logos for embroidery, screen-printing, sublimation, heat seal or tackle twill. They are the talent behind bringing your brand to life. The Creative Team will help you transform ideas into great looking elite performance products. They are authorities when it comes to art creative, and here to help you.

Once your order is in the hands of our creative team, your ideas are made production ready in the form of crisp vibrant artwork that will set you apart from the competition. Whether you created your art or submitted an online reference or drawing, we’ve seen it all. We will work with you to ensure your logo looks great and is compatible with the garment you have ordered.  

The process starts by creating vector artwork so it is a clear and crisp resolution at any size. This process is usually where the “magic” happens. It involves taking pixel art (eg. jpegs, pngs) and turning their choppy edges it into clean smooth lines, removing any unnecessary backgrounds, color modifications or customizing one of our stock logos to work for your team or organization. If you already have vector art – that’s even better. Joyce and Lorraine have the most experience with embroidery, screen print and applique. Meredith, Khara, Abigail, Sara, Jake and Nardo develop and produce your sublimation prints, used in uniforms and base layers and ensure the art is scaled, proportional, and consistent throughout all sizes in your order. The creative team works under the same roof as our 200+ production workers…co-located in Philadelphia, USA to ensure quality and speed. 

Once art is created Anne sends it to you for final approval. And upon approval your order is released to production in our Philadelphia factory where it’s carefully made and delivered to you in just days. Your approved art, and orders, are then saved to one of many servers for easy re-order in the future.    

BOATHOUSE U.S.A. Crew Grey / Small