Employee Spotlight: Anthony T. Davis

Anthony T. Davis started at Boathouse Sports on May 1, 1989. “When I started at this company I don’t think we even had 15 people” he said. My how things have changed - Boathouse has now grown to a 200+ person operation, and employs many locals from Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.

Anthony is the cutting room supervisor in charge of overseeing the operation that provides our apparel. Whether it’s a bulk order or one-off custom, Anthony (Tony) ensures the quality and high-standards that Boathouse is known for during this very first step of the production process.

When talking about the competitive landscape of today’s local manufacturers, Anthony says “We’ve been through all the trials and tribulations, but even when business was down, we never lost a paycheck” and that is why I’ve worked here for almost thirty years!