The Tale of the 27 Year Old Boathouse Jacket

Pictured Above: Boathouse Product Manager, Emma Compton, born 1995, wearing a jacket made for a guy on the 1989 University of Vermont Lacrosse team.

We’ve made some very good decisions to assure the long-term success of Boathouse and provide job security for our hardworking employees. Most of these decisions had to do with the Product and Service we provide to YOU, our valued customers.

From the very beginning we made a commitment to manufacture our own product, right here in Philadelphia, USA. We decided we had to make it ourselves, in the factories we own and operate! We design the product we make. We specify, source and own the raw materials and fabrics from which all our products are built. We create and own the technology we use to deliver better service to you. We are, and always have been, a vertically integrated apparel maker providing great quality and service. Why? Because we want to be!

By owning and managing every step of the process we can guarantee that you’ll receive the best of class. Our Elite Performance Outerwear and Jackets have been delivered around the world for more than 30 years, and most of them are still coveted and in use today. Many are from the days when you were younger and more athletic, but we know you still cherish your Boathouse Jacket.

This jacket was sent to us with a request to repair the zipper, which after 27 years had “lost its pull”. No problem, no questions asked. This is what sets us apart from other apparel manufacturers. We believe in our product so much so that even after 27 years of rigorous outdoor athletic training we think it should still perform like new. So we asked if the guy if we could keep this jacket in our ‘hall of history’ as a reminder that we believe that even 27-year-old jackets should perform as they did the day they were made. In return, we custom-built a brand new version of the customers original ’89 U of Vermont Lax jacket for free.

We’ve repaired or replaced many jackets over the years, from normal wear and tear to destruction by outboard motor propeller (that’s a good story for a future post). We know you love your Boathouse jacket and we want you to wear it with the same pride today as you did decades ago.

We build quality and lasting durability into everything we make, from GORE-TEX waterproof jackets to the classic Boathouse jackets, and everything in-between. We do so because it’s the right thing to do. We do so because we can. We do so because you do not need a closet full of garments. Buy stuff that lasts. Don’t buy stuff that gets thrown away after wearing one year. There’s too much of that already. We do so because we believe in the United State of Athletes.

If you have an old Boathouse jacket that you cherish take a pic and send it to us. We'll post it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and maybe write a future post about it.