We’re All Family - The Boathouse Jackets Collection

At Boathouse.com, we offer a variety of jacket and pullover designs that may seem very different from one another. However, when you get down to the nuts and bolts of their design, you’ll find that these diverse styles are all related. Regardless of your sport or activity, you need your jacket to have several characteristics: 

  • Provide Warmth When Needed
  • Prevent Overheating
  • Allow for a Full Range of Motion
  • Fit Comfortably

All classic jackets from our collection are made to fulfill these needs. They offer a range of insulation for mild to cool environments, they are breathable to prevent overheating, and they are made to move with your body, so they will feel comfortable without holding you back. Here’s some more information on the similarities and differences between our elite designs.

The Stevenson Weather Shirt

The amazing story behind the Stevenson Weathershirt involves rower Hugh Stevenson, who acquired a Soviet design at the 1974 World Championship in exchange for a pair of blue jeans. Evolved from that original Soviet prototype, the Stevenson Weathershirt features orbital shoulder gussets to allow for unrestricted movement, ventilation areas that let the wearer control the garment’s breathability, and a protective tail to protect against the elements. These are the best rowing jackets on the market.


The Mission Pullover

Mission jackets are the most popular design at Boathouse.com. Put simply, they are Stevenson Weather Shirts without the tail. They’re an excellent choice for any activity where a full range of motion is necessary, and they’re available in Supplex and Pro-Tech windbreaker materials. Like all windbreaker jackets from this selection, mission jackets are fully customizable and make incredible team apparel for high school, NCAA, and pro squads. 


The Victory Jacket

The Victory jacket is a full-zip version of the Mission pullover. The full front zipper allows this windbreaker to be ultra-adaptable. Zip pockets are ideal for keeping small items secure while you train. Like all jackets from this line, Victory jackets are available in cuts for both men and women.


The Alliance Pullover

The Alliance pullover is essentially a streamlined version of the Mission pullover. Though this design doesn’t feature orbital shoulder gussets or a protective cape, it’s still a smart option for a variety of sports. If a well-made yet simple design is what your team needs, the Alliance pullover is a great choice.


The Classic Jacket

The Classic is to the Victory what the Alliance is to the Mission, a streamlined windbreaker that’s crafted for a range of activities. Lightweight, yet surprisingly effective against a cold, harsh breeze, these designs are always popular with school athletic departments of all levels.


The Classic XW Jacket

Looking for a Classic with a little more insulation? The XW stands for Extreme Weather, and this jacket is made to handle cold temps, high winds, and wet conditions. The Classic XW features Weather-Block lining, Pro-Tech fabric, and a hanging hood, to make sure you’re protected from an angry Mother Nature.


Whether you’re looking for a Gore-Tex rain jacket, pro-quality rowing apparel, or just a standard pullover windbreaker for warming up before practice, you’ll find it at Boathouse.com. For great gear, made here, shop this impressive selection.