What is a GORE-TEX Jacket?

GORE-TEX. It’s a word you’ve undoubtedly heard if you’ve ever shopped for performance outerwear. But what exactly is this high-tech fabric, and why are GORE-TEX jackets so popular with outdoor athletes? Read on and learn what makes GORE-TEX rain jackets so popular. We’ll try to explain what makes this material so effective at blocking water, without going too deep into the impressive science at work behind the scenes.

A Space-Age Fabric for the Modern Athlete 

Waterproof materials like plastic and rubber have been around for decades, or even centuries, but they have one major drawback: they aren’t breathable at all. GORE-TEX, on the other hand, is both waterproof and breathable. Made from stretched polymers, GORE-TEX has microscopic pores. They are small enough to prevent water droplets from getting in, but large enough to allow for water vapor and air to pass out. Usually, this polymer membrane is paired with additional layers, including a polyester or nylon outer layer that provides durability, as well as inner layers that provide added warmth and softness as needed.

The outer layer usually features an additional durable water-resistant (DWR) coating that prevents water from being absorbed. GORE-TEX waterproof jackets also have either taped or welded seams to prevent water from leaking where pieces of fabric are joined together, as well as flapped zippers.

Great Apparel for Bad Weather 

The result is apparel that will allow you to vent body heat while still protecting you from rain and snow. This makes GORE-TEX a fabric popular with athletes who train every day regardless of weather, hikers and campers who trek into areas with unpredictable weather patterns, and anyone who lives in a place that experiences rain or snow.

Whether you’re stretching out before a match on a damp fall day, or running errands around town during a rainstorm, you’ll find jackets made from GORE-TEX are an effective barrier against wetness, and still remarkably comfortable to wear.

Choose Boathouse’s Premium Men’s GORE-TEX Jackets 

Licensed to produce GORE-TEX fabric, Boathouse.com brings decades of experience with handcrafted manufacturing to make sure all of our waterproof jackets meet the highest standards for fit, function, and looks. Men’s GORE-TEX jackets are available with Sport Fleece™ or Weatherblock™ lining, depending on how much warmth you require. Breathable, yet windproof, they also feature rollaway hoods for extra protection.

Find Women’s GORE-TEX Jackets at Boathouse (H2) Looking for a design that’s tailored for a woman’s body? Women’s GORE-TEX jackets from Boathouse.com are crafted with your body in mind. They provide extra space where you need it, yet feature a non-bulky, athletic fit. Like the men’s designs, they are completely waterproof, windproof, breathable, and feature zipper flaps and sealed seams.

Explore Customizable Options 

If you’re looking for excellent waterproof clothing for your squad, you’ve come to the right place.

A proud supplier of NCAA athletic programs, Boathouse.com offers many customization options on GORE-TEX jackets and pants. Since we make our apparel in Philadelphia, we can offer some of the shortest turnaround times in the industry for all custom orders. Start off your season with championship-level apparel from Boathouse.com.

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