What is a Windbreaker Jacket?

Lightweight, versatile, packable – these are some common words people use to describe the ever-popular windbreaker jacket. In this article we’ll take a closer look and unpack everything you need to know about windbreakers, why people love them, what makes them an essential piece of any wardrobe and why Boathouse does it better than anyone else.

What's a Windbreaker Jacket All About?

Let’s start things off with a brief overview of windbreakers. These jackets are lightweight in nature, weighing in at about 1.8 oz. (half the weight of a winter jacket according to PARCL). Being so lightweight makes them perfect for use as a layering piece when there is a slight chill in the air, such as spring or fall. They should be retired to the closet when temperatures hit less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fun fact: the purpose of a windbreaker jacket is to provide a barrier that slows convective heat loss that that occurs when there is movement in the air.

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What Types of Windbreaker Jackets Does Boathouse Make?

We’re going to be flat out honest here – we don’t like referring to our Mission Pullovers and Victory Jackets as “windbreaker jackets” because they are so much better than your typical, run-of-the-mill windbreaker. Only our windbreakers include unique features like our signature Orbital Shoulder Gusset© which provides maximum movability and an enhanced and unrestricted range of motion, and an open cape for ventilation. However, let’s be honest…by definition and style our Mission and Victory are really, really good windbreakers.

Our windbreakers are made of our lightweight supplex fabric. This American-made technical fabric is moderately water-resistant and highly breathable, which makes it the fabric of choice for athletes everywhere. We have plenty of Boathouse classic windbreaker jackets to choose from.

Our Best Selling Windbreaker: The Mission Pullover Jacket

Our Mission jackets are quarter zip pullover windbreakers designed to be functional and fashionable. In contrast to our Victory full-zip jacket, this windbreaker design allows for easy over-the-head access pull this jacket over your head for quick and easy. A lot of our customers prefer the quarter zip look and the easy of putting on/taking off without having to fully zip/unzip.

Another fun fact: Windbreakers are called Windcheaters in England!

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American Made Windbreaker Jackets

Athletes love our Mission and Victory Windbreaker jackets because of the enhanced range of motion due to the cutting-edge orbital shoulder gusset© and the ventilation from the open cape. But what really makes these jackets stand out is that they are Made right here in Philadelphia, USA. You heard that right – windbreaker jackets that are made in America by hard working Americans.

Premium Women’s and Men's Windbreaker Jackets

Both our Mission Pullover and Victory Jacket windbreakers are available for both men and women. The only difference being that the women’s windbreaker pullover styles have a more tapered, less boxy fit than the men’s pullover windbreaker version.

Boathouse has a variety of men’s and women’s windbreaker jackets. Shop our selection of windbreaker jackets now.