You Might Be Playing The Wrong Sport And Your Zodiac Will Tell You Why

We were able to match which sport best suits your zodiac sign based on those little things that are unique to just your sign. Little did you know, each sport is different and maybe you’ve been playing the wrong sport all along! We're just joking, you are doing amazing in the sport you are currently playing. But maybe think about picking up another just for fun!

1. Aries

As an Aries, you are bold and have a lot of ambition. Being bold makes you more inclined to put yourself into challenging situations to be able to stand out. The sport that aligns with you is FOOTBALL. You never know what is going to happen, you have to be on your toes and you are always training to be better. Who knows, maybe one day you will be on the NFL.

2. Taurus

You may not think it but deep down as a Taurus you are stubborn, which can be interpreted as committed to everything that you do. You are reliable, whether it is getting to practice on time or being there when your teammate needs you. That is why SOCCER is your sport, you are seen as a key player on the soccer team, everyone needs that one person they can rely on to save them in a pressured situation.

3. Gemini 

Double the trouble! Being the Gemini that you are, you rely heavily on the support of others. Gemini's cannot be left alone, being a social butterfly you must have teammates to interact with. That is why ROWING is your sport. No matter what happens, you are stuck in a boat of 8 people, you have someone either next to you, in front or behind you.

4. Cancer

Cancer’s get the reputation of being very down to earth and emotional, so they may not be best for full-contact sports but there are many other fields you have not even thought about. You are very aware of your surroundings and something to channel this energy could be YOGA. It may not require tough weight training but you have to train your mind and body to move in ways that don't necessarily come naturally to others.

5. Leo

You are a natural-born leader, you will not be mistaken with your distinct confidence and commitment. This is only shown in a few sports and the best way to express your dominance is in LACROSSE. Lacrosse players are very passionate about their sport and when you walk into a room they want you to know that. These players are dedicated people, so next time you see a lacrosse player thinks about what it would be like to be that passionate about your sport. And if you already play lacrosse, Good job you're doing amazing!

6. Virgo

When you're on a team it is very hard to pay attention to every little detail, but when you are playing a 1 v 1 sport what else can you do? Virgo’s tend to be very detail-oriented and can pay attention to the little things and that us why TENNIS is the right sport for you. You are a natural-born problem solver, you may not have much time to figure out your next move but you can do that with no problem. 

7. Libra

To be able to play this sport you need to not only be able to work with others cooperatively you also need to be graceful with your techniques on the field. Your teammates would have no problem labeling you MVP of the FIELD HOCKEY team. This sport may be underrated but in the field hockey community a Libra will stand out above all others.

8. Scorpio

You are never mistaken when there is a Scorpio in the room, because of their straightforward personality and great independent skills they are a great fit for GOLF! Being completely focused and aware is something you are very good at and golf relies on focus and the ability to think a few steps ahead. Being in a large group of people may be overwhelming for you, golf is a very independent sport which is a great compromise for you.

9. Sagittarius

A very finite amount of people can be as open-minded as a Sagittarius. As a TRACK RUNNER, it takes a large amount of enthusiasm and determination to run, sprint, and jump hurdles. You don’t necessarily just do one thing while on the track team and that is why your open-mindedness as a Sagittarius is a perfect fit for this sport.

10. Capricorn

Self-discipline is a trait that is few and far in between. A majority of those that have that quality are Capricorns. The one sport that would fit very well along with your ability to be productive while staying independent is CROSS COUNTRY. If there is anyone that can pull off this sport the best is 100% a Capricorn. You are motivational not only for yourself but you push others to think like you and learn and build off of mistakes with ease.

11. Aquarius 

Aquarius’ like to look at life in all different perspectives, having this quality and their high energy sport that goes well with these traits is VOLLEYBALL! Your eccentric personality you always make your teammates laugh and you are bold enough to make everyone aware and stay focused while in an intense game. Volleyball has you moving every which way and this is a perfect sport to get every view of the playing field.

12. Pisces

Being the fun water-loving sign, it is only right for your sport to be water-related. Along with your willingness to encourage others, SWIMMING is the sport that you belong in. Swimming involves many techniques and with your creative ability and diligence, you can execute them in a manner that no one else can, which helps you in those high-pressure situations.

Does your sign match the sport you play? Comment below, and let us know how we did! In the meantime, check out our online sports apparel customizer and design some new gear for your sport of choice! 

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