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Using the 360° 3D Controls

Known Browser Issue: Chrome58 (older version)

BOATHOUSE is aware that TRUE-CUSTOM 3D™ is not working in Chrome58 Browsers.

This is a known bug and can easily be fixed by updating to Chrome59 or later.

Known Browser Issue: Win10 with some chipsets

BOATHOUSE is aware that TRUE-CUSTOM 3D™ is not working in some Windows10 environments. This is due to a bug that makes it incompatible for rendering WebGL (3D models) for some chipsets. This is affecting a small number of Windows10 users.

Unfortunately, we have not found an interim fix for this. If your Windows10 looks like the image to the left, you may want to try TRUE-CUSTOM 3D™ in a different browser such as FireFox. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Is My Browser Supported?

  • TRUE-CUSTOM 3D™ needs Web GL 1.0 in order to work. This is an older technology available in most all modern browsers. Please make sure your browser is up to date. You can check here: 

  • A quick check that you can perform to see if your browser supports Web GL 1.0 is to visit the link below (admittedly, it is also quite fun and mesmerizing). If you can see the Jellyfish, you should be able to design with TRUE-CUSTOM 3D™
    WEB GL 1.0 Check - JELLYFISH

  • If, for some reason, your browser seems supported, but you still cannot view TRUE-CUSTOM 3D™, Customer Service may ask you to visit and record information from the following sites: