From Roman Warriors To College Teams: A History of Uniforms and Their Role in Competition.

Teams are brands by definition. 

We wear the colors and symbols of our team in order to be recognized in competition. We compete on field, on track, on water, on turf, on court and in life for well over 2,000 years. Whether the earliest competitors realized it at the time, we humans have been wearing custom uniforms to display which side we belong to (aka “the team”) since the earliest days of historical recordkeeping. The Romans, Medieval Knights and Spartans all wore specific armor and colors, sporting the marks of their loyalty. The Revolutionary war, all wars, we’ve worn “uniforms” for recognition on the battlefield and work as part of a larger team. It also helps reduce friendly fire during combat.

Suitable for Spartans, Designed for Teams

Custom team apparel today has the same purpose–to allow individuals to be recognized as a unit, a group, and to represent the brand for whom we compete. The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. To truly represent your brand, your team apparel should be fully customized to fit your specific needs! Slapping a logo on a Windbreaker Jacket or screening a name on a tee shirt will not suffice. The full “design-your-own” customization process includes product/style selection, color selection, embellishment design, and all the options you need. Lastly, add the logo and viola – fully custom made to your brand.

True custom also includes more technical and performance features to meet your specific sport, your environment (cold & wet, hot & dry) and your budget.  Boathouse has an in-house creative team of professional designers and customer service reps that can help you choose these more technical features. Or you can use our online product customizer at Try it.  Build something cool!  Save it, share it or have us make it.

Competition is War

Whether you’re a Spartan, a Track Team, Rowing Team or Lacrosse Team, Boathouse has you covered. Because when you enter into competition, you want to know which warriors have your back.

About Boathouse Customs

Boathouse has been manufacturing Custom Athletic Outerwear and Team Uniforms since 1989 for Teams nationwide and abroad.  Boathouse builds True Custom outerwear to match your brand, to match the needs of your sport to match your environment and to match your budget. We start with your design. Then we cut from raw materials, sew, embroider, sublimate build and inspect completely custom garments for your team.  Finally we save these designs digitally in order for you to continue to reorder well into the future.