Should I open a Team Store? What do I need to know?

Many customers open a Boathouse Team Store for the convenience provided. Each team member is able to select the gear they want, go through check out and pay for their own items, then have them delivered directly to their own house.

Here are some additional facts about Team Stores in order to decide if this is the right choice for your team.

How long will the Team Store stay open?
A Team Store will typically stay open for 1-2 weeks. Stores can open on any weekday, but stores must close on a Monday or Tuesday night.

Is there any additional cost for a Team Store?
Team Stores charge a small surcharge on products to cover the costs of setting up the store. Items on a Team Store are priced at 5% more than Team Price for the items.

Are there minimum order quantities?
YES. All Team Stores must meet the product minimums for each product in order for the product to be manufactured. Minimum quantities are 6 for outerwear (jackets & pants) and Unisuits. All other items are a minimum of 12. If the Team Store accrues orders for less than the minimums on an item, the orders for that item will be canceled and the items will not be produced.

How much is shipping?
With a Team Store, each person pays for their own shipping. Shipping costs $12.95 per order. Orders of $199.00 and above receive free shipping. A Bulk Shipping option is available for Team Stores where all orders will be sent to a single address. For this option, each order pays $5.00 in shipping.

How long does it take to get our order?
Once the store closes, we start making your gear right here in our factory in Philadelphia, PA USA! Depending on the season it can take up tp 6-8 weeks  (including shipping transit time) to get the orders delivered from the store close date.

Can I use the Team Store to raise funds for my team or club?
Yes. A percentage (usually 10% to 25%) or a flat fee (dollar amount) can be added to the cost of the Team Store product for fundraising. Please note that the each item must meet the quantity minimum in order to qualify for the fundraiser dollars earned on that product. Once a Team Store has shipped, the store contact will receive an email containing their rebate voucher showing the rebate amount that they have earned from the store. The store contact will need to complete the rebate voucher and email it back to Boathouse. Once Boathouse receives the completed rebate voucher, the rebate check is mailed out within 45 business days.


Team Store
Ordering Team Store stays open for 1-2 weeks while orders are placed. Order at once. Design your garment, checkout, and the order is in our factory system.
Cost All items priced at Team Price + 5% surcharge All custom items follow our tiered quantity-based discount pricing
Minimums Minimums must be met for the number of items ordered or the items will not be manufactured. No minimums. Order 1 or 1,000.
Payment Options Each person pays for their own order. Customers must check out using a valid Credit Card. One payment will be taken for the entire order. Customers can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, or use a Purchase Order (U.S. Order only)
Shipping Options and Costs Each person pays for their own shipping, $12.95 per order. Free Shipping on orders $199.00 or over. $5.00 Bulk Shipping option available. One $12.95 shipping fee for the entire order. Free Shipping on orders over $99.00 (almost all custom orders qualify).

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