My Team's Gear

FAQ: My Team has ordered from you in the past. I would like to order 1 of the jackets (uniforms, warmups, etc) for myself. Do you have them there?

A: We do not stock any Team Gear in our warehouse. All of our Team Gear is custom made to order. We do not make extras and we do not hold inventory. Any product we have in inventory is on our website. If you would like to order one, please talk to your coach about when the next Team Order will be placed.

Additionally, you are welcome to use our online product customizer to build the same garment that your team has. Just remember that 1 unit will be at our Custom Retail price, which is around double the Team Price (6 units or more for outerwear, 12 units or more for Uniforms). 

If you need help designing online, let us know!

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