Sending Back Blanks to be Embroidered

FAQ: Can I order jackets and send them back later to be embroidered?

Yes! Unless this is a repair Boathouse is responsible for, you will need to pay shipping to our factory and back to you.

To have existing Boathouse Jackets sent back and embroidered, the following prices apply:

$15 per placement per jacket
$25.00 per placement per Gore-Tex jacket
$39.00 Art Fee per new Logo
$? - Shipping (Will vary)

Our typical lead time to embroider is 10 days. However, if it is for new art, the lead time may be longer.

Order Status: Fulfilled

FAQ: My order status says "Fulfilled" - does that mean that it has shipped?

  • If you ordered Standard Retail Product, this means that YOUR ORDER HAS SHIPPED. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.
  • If you ordered CUSTOM Products, this means that your order has been processed by our Customer Service Team and been sent to our Art Department for production art approval. You will receive a separate email for Art Approval. If you placed an order with Re-Order Artwork, your order has been put into our factory for production. You will receive an official shipment notification from UPS when your Custom Product(s) ship.

Submitting Names & Numbers Placements

FAQ: I would like to submit my names and numbers via a spreadsheet. Does it need to be in a specific format?

A: We would prefer if you used our standard Names, Numbers Placement Spreadsheet to submit the information, but you can send us the information any way you want, as long as it is clear and understandable. A text doc, email, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, Google Doc... all are fine. We will let you know if there is any confusion on our end.

Sublimation - What is it?

FAQ: What exactly does the term "Sublimation" mean?

Read the FULL BLOG POST about BOATHOUSE Sublimation

Sublimation by definition the phase transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. Sublimation printing is a type of digital printing technique that utilizes this process with ink and synthetic fibers. It’s been around for many decades, but became available to the digital print level only 10-12 years ago.

Some popular sublimated styles we offer are Men's Compression Pants, Women's Training & Yoga Tights, Long Sleeve Eagle Tee and custom team uniforms and jerseys.

Re-Order Artwork

FAQ: I have placed a custom order with BOATHOUSE in the past and paid the Art Processing Fee. Do I have to pay for this fee again? How do I remove the fee from my online custom configuration?

If you are using the SAME artwork as a previous order, we will waive the Art Processing Fee.

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the Art Processing Fee while you are designing in our product customizer, but we can refund the money to you. To ensure we refund your money, please put in the order notes that this is Re-Order Art and that you would like us to refund you for that amount.

Quantity Discount - Mix Styles?

FAQ: Can I mix men's and women's styles to get a quantity discount? How about Adult Sizes and Youth Sizes?

BOATHOUSE offers quantity discounting on our Custom Products. If there are 2 different styles of a product, one for men and one for women, or adult vs. youth sizing, then the established styles are completely different cuts and therefore completely different products; these styles cannot be combined together to get quantity discounting.

Pricing Structure for Custom Products

Every Custom Product Detail tab lists the Base Pricing table in the bottom right hand corner.

Every product has a Team Price when the minimum quantities have been met for a product (minimums are 6 units for Outerwear and Rowing Unisuits, 12 units for everything else). If the order does not qualify for Team Pricing, then Custom Retail Pricing will apply (which is generally double the Team Price). 24-47 unit orders will receive 5% off the Team Price, 48-95 unit orders will receive 10% off the Team Price, 96-143 Unit orders receive 12% off the Team Price, 144-299 unit orders will receive 14% off the Team Price, and orders of 300+ units will receive 15% off the Team Price.

Once you have designed your custom garment, you can get pricing on the ORDER Tab. Enter the number of units that you want to order, and the website will calculate the total based on the quantity price breaks and embellishments selected during the design process.