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    International Shipping

    FAQ: Do you ship internationally?

    While we do not currently ship outside the United States, you can use a freight forwarding service to get our gear to anywhere in the world.


    How do I get Free Shipping?

    To get FREE SHIPPING, you must first sign up for the BOATHOUSE MVPoints Loyalty Program. You can create an account here.

    Once you have your login information, make sure you are logged in before you go through checkout. Once you add $75.00 or more to your shopping cart, the FREE SHIPPING will be triggered.

    FREE SHIPPING is for MVPoints account holders only.

    Factory Pick-up

    FAQ: Can I pick up my order at your factory?

    A: YES! In order to do a factory pickup, please put the following information for your Shipping Information:

    425 E. Hunting Park Avenue 
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    In addition, use the Promotion Code "HQDELIVERY" to denote that the order ships to the Factory and this will cancel out the shipping charges.