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    Tax Exempt Information

    FAQ: My organization is Tax Exempt. How do I check out on your website without being charged for Tax?

    In order to be marked as Tax Exempt, you must follow these steps:

    1. Create a BOATHOUSE Account
    2. Send a scanned copy of your State Tax Exemption form to our Customer Service Team and tell them the email address you used to create your BOATHOUSE Account in Step 1.
    3. Our Customer Service Team will contact you letting you know that your account has been marked for tax exemption. You can then proceed through checkout without being charged any State Tax.

    Sending Payment to Us

    If you are mailing in a check, you can send it to:

    Boathouse Payments RE: Order ## Here
    425 E. Hunting Park Avenue 
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    If you would like to pay via credit card or PayPal, just initiate an online chat and let us know. We can create an invoice that you can pay online.

    Purchase Orders

    FAQ: Where can I submit Purchase Orders?

    Purchase orders can be sent via email, fax or mailed in. Please include your order number (it begins with a CO, CS or BC) or MFG number on your Purchase Order so it is easily identifiable.

    We will need the actual Purchase Order form in order to process your order payment. We cannot accept just a PO number.

    Email: customercare@boathouse.com

    Fax: (215) 425-2068

    Mailing address:
    425 E. Hunting Park Avenue 
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    Payment Options

    FAQ: What payment types do you accept on BOATHOUSE.com ?

    A: We currently support the following payment methods:

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Purchase Order (Domestic Custom Orders only)

    Please note that Purchase Orders should ONLY be used for Custiom Orders made by qualifying institutions. You do not need the P.O. number or the actual P.O. to check out online, but you must provide an official Purchase Order document or payment before your order will go into production. We do NOT accept just a PO number – we will need the actual Purchase Order form or payment by check before your order will go to the factory floor for manufacturing.

    How do I get Free Shipping?

    To get FREE SHIPPING, you must first sign up for the BOATHOUSE MVPoints Loyalty Program. You can create an account here.

    Once you have your login information, make sure you are logged in before you go through checkout. Once you add $99.00 or more to your shopping cart, the FREE SHIPPING will be triggered.

    FREE SHIPPING is for MVPoints account holders shipping domestically to the United States only.

    Factory Pick-up

    FAQ: Can I pick up my order at your factory?

    A: YES! In order to do a factory pickup, please put the following information for your Shipping Information:

    425 E. Hunting Park Avenue 
    Philadelphia, PA 19124

    In addition, use the Promotion Code "HQDELIVERY" to denote that the order ships to the Factory and this will cancel out the shipping charges.