Pricing Structure for Custom Products

Every Custom Product Detail tab lists the Base Pricing table in the bottom right hand corner.

Every product has a Team Price when the minimum quantities have been met for a product (minimums are 6 units for Outerwear and Rowing Unisuits, 12 units for everything else). If the order does not qualify for Team Pricing, then Custom Retail Pricing will apply (which is generally double the Team Price). 24-47 unit orders will receive 5% off the Team Price, 48-95 unit orders will receive 10% off the Team Price, 96-143 Unit orders receive 12% off the Team Price, 144-299 unit orders will receive 14% off the Team Price, and orders of 300+ units will receive 15% off the Team Price.

Once you have designed your custom garment, you can get pricing on the ORDER Tab. Enter the number of units that you want to order, and the website will calculate the total based on the quantity price breaks and embellishments selected during the design process. 

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