FAQ: What is "piping"?

Piping is a type of trim or embellishment consisting of a strip of folded fabric so as to form a "pipe" inserted into a seam to define the edges or style lines of a garment or other textile object.

Orbital Shoulder Gusset for Unrestricted Mobility

FAQ: What is a gusset?

Our trademark proprietary Orbital Shoulder Gusset™ allows for total upper body mobility without restriction. Mesh panels sewn directly into the shoulders adapt to even the longest reach. The mesh gussets, along with the back cape, act like an accordion to stretch and ventilate with your every movement.

Originally designed for training on icy February waters of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, the gussets are what Boathouse Sports is all about—athletes making products to help other athletes.

My Team's Gear

FAQ: My Team has ordered from you in the past. I would like to order 1 of the jackets (uniforms, warmups, etc) for myself. Do you have them there?

A: We do not stock any Team Gear in our warehouse. All of our Team Gear is custom made to order. We do not make extras and we do not hold inventory. Any product we have in inventory is on our website. If you would like to order one, please talk to your coach about when the next Team Order will be placed.

Additionally, you are welcome to use our online product customizer to build the same garment that your team has. Just remember that 1 unit will be at our Custom Retail price, which is around double the Team Price (6 units or more for outerwear, 12 units or more for Uniforms). 

If you need help designing online, let us know!

Lead Time for Custom Orders

FAQ: How long does it take for my Custom Order to ship?

All of our custom products are hand made to order from raw materials here at our factory in Philadelphia. Our standard lead time from order placement to shipment is 4 weeks.

*Due to our peak season, orders may take up to 8 weeks of production time.

Please reach out to Customer Service with any issues or concerns.


The Art Approval Proccess

FAQ: I created a design in the product customizer. Is this exactly how the garment will look when it is made?

Our product customizer is specifically for mocking up a design online, giving you an idea of what the finished garment will look like. However, this is not the final production artwork.

When an order is submitted, it will go through a formal Art Approval Process. At this time the BOATHOUSE Creative Team will generate the full size mockup with the layouts, fonts, colors and dimensions listed. This email will go for your approval before the items go into production.

If you are using Re-Order artwork, the designs will be made to the previous specs and an art approval phase is not necessary. Please write in the Order Notes that this is Re-Order Art. We will refund you the art fees that the product customizer adds to the order information.

Fabric - Supplex vs. Pro-Tech

FAQ: What is the difference between the Supplex and Pro-Tech fabric? Is there a price difference?

Supplex and Pro-Tech are both windbreaker material and cost the same price.

Supplex is a lightweight, flexible fabric great for fair weather training, being moderately water resistance and highly breathability. Supplex is our most popular fabric for team jackets and warm-ups.

Pro-Tech is is a bit heavier material, less breathable but highly water resistant. We recommend Pro-Tech for training in colder, wetter climates. Pro-Tech is a durable 200 denier nylon with a rugged urethane coating.

Custom Designs - How To Do Name & Numbers Placements

When creating a Name or Number placement for for your Team Jacket or Uniform, select the placement area and type from the list of Name and Number placements offered.

  • For names, leave "Name" as the default placement.
  • For Numbers, leave "68" as the default placement.
  • Select the font type and color from the options provided. This style will apply to each name/number placement.

Once your design is complete, the actual names and numbers for the jackets or uniforms are entered in the "NAMES & NUMBERS" section of the ORDER Tab. See the image below for an example.

  • If you want names on some, but not all of the jackets, please do a Name Placement as indicated above and leave the ones that you do not want names on blank. The system will charge for placements on all of the jackets, but our Customer Care team can easily refund you the amount for the placements you will not receive. This policy applies to names and numbers only, not logos.

  • The text will shrink a bit after 13 characters. It is recommended to not go over 16 characters per line.

  • If you would like to do a 2 Line Placement, you can do so by putting a percentage sign between the first line and the second line. Example: John Smith%Shortstop


Locker Room - How To Save & Share Designs

FAQ: How do I save and share my custom designs?

How to SAVE your designs:

  1. Sign up for a BOATHOUSE MVP account [view more info about MVP Accounts]

  2. Make sure you are logged into your account. You can visit Your Locker Room clicking the link in the global Utility Navigation at the top of the page or from the link in My Account.

  3. While you are designing an item in the product customizer, you can save it to your Locker Room at any time by clicking the "SAVE" button underneath the image of the garment you are designing.

How to SHARE your designs:

  1. Go to Your Locker Room

  2. Find the SAVED item in your Locker Room that you want to SHARE. Click "Menu" above the design you want to share.

  3. Click "SHARE". It will bring up a dialog box with a share URL (link). Click the "COPY AND CLOSE" button. The SHARE URL is now on your clipboard.

  4. Paste the SHARE URL wherever you would like to link to your product design (in email, on social media, in a blog post, etc)