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      Unisex Olympian Cotton Short Sleeve Tee USA / Small
      Unisex Olympian Cotton Short Sleeve Tee PARIS / Small

      There’s no clothing staple as versatile as the “favorite” t-shirt. If you’re still searching for yours, you can stop right here. Made for women who don’t compromise on comfort, style, or performance, our American-made women’s t-shirts here at Boathouse are essentials for every closet.

      In a market with thousands of t-shirt options, the differentiator is quality. At Boathouse, we make that differentiator our identity by hand-crafting our American-made women’s tees from our locally owned and operated facility in Philadelphia, PA. Here, we handle every step of the production process. From design and sourcing materials in-house, to sewing, sublimating, cutting, and embroidering, we do it all. We even ship straight to you—but only after making sure our shirts are perfect, down to the last stitch.

      It's that kind of commitment that allows us to confidently say: you’ll find your new favorite tee in our collection of women’s sports shirts. We have styles to suit every situation, and thanks to our full suite of customization services, your new tee can literally have your name on it. Outfit your whole team, or simply find the next staples for your own closest—shop women’s t-shirts made in the USA here at Boathouse!

      Women’s T-Shirts Made in the USA: Quality Since 1976

      With nearly 50 years in the industry, our team here at Boathouse has had a lot of time to refine and strengthen our tradition of quality. We got our start in 1976 making athletic gear right here in Philadelphia, PA—and that’s still what we’re doing today. Our production capabilities may have evolved, but our commitment to quality has never wavered.

      For you, that means American-made women’s shirts that never disappoint. From our singlets to our long-sleeve tees, we take pride in upholding rigorous manufacturing standards, and our clothes show it. See why teams and organizations—as well as individual shoppers—have trusted our American-made women’s clothing and all of our apparel made in the USA for nearly half a century.

      Another reason why we’re a go-to for athletes, teams, and entire organizations? Our extensive customization options, all a simple click away. Visit our Customize page to learn how you can easily outfit nearly any t-shirt in our inventory with your designs, logos, and colors—and shop American-made women’s t-shirts with our team here at Boathouse today.