Lacrosse Training 101

Conducted by father/son lacrosse enthusiasts, Jake and Peter Scott, the Boathouse lacrosse training series is intended to educate lacrosse players of all ages in the strategic technique necessary to enhance their skills, with new drills and videos added weekly.

Meet Your Lacrosse Trainers - Jake and Peter
Jake Scott attended Conestoga High School in Pennsylvania, where he was four-year varsity letter winner and US Lacrosse Academic All-American. He was class president and captain of the lacrosse team as a senior, and helped the team to back-to-back state championship victories during his four years. Jake graduated from Harvard University, where he played as an attackman on the varsity lacrosse team, and is currently faculty and coach for  the varsity lacrosse team at Gilman School in Baltimore, Maryland. Jake is also the founder of the Project Soft Hands Lacrosse Movement. 

Peter Scott is a Philadelphia Lacrosse Hall Of Famer who has over 40 years of playing & coaching lacrosse at all levels: youth, HS, Coll, Club. Both boys and girls lax. He’s a 3x NCAA All-American – Johns Hopkins University. ’84 Undefeated NCAA National Championship team. 


Lacrosse Tips & Tricks Video Library

Lacrosse Training 101: Bloopers & Outtakes
(Released April 2, 2019)

Your trainers had some fun between takes during filming the Lacrosse Training 101 videos. Check out these hilarious goofs that ended up on the cutting room floor (until now...)


Lacrosse Training 101: Video #6 – Kick it, Goose It
(Released March 25, 2019)

In crowded ground ball situations, a successful player needs to get the ball out and into the free space, either by kicking it or by goosing it. Jake will demonstrate in the video below.

Lacrosse Training 101: Video #5 – Use Your Soft Hands
(Released March 12, 2019)

You may hear the term “soft hands” a lot in Lacrosse, but do you actually know what it means–and more importantly–do you know how to put your soft hands into practice?
Beyond just wallball and lacrosse, there are several endeavors in life that advise you to keep “soft hands.” The term is mostly used in athletics. An athlete with particularly smooth, quick, or dexterous hands is said to possess soft hands. Swift hand-eye coordination – demonstrated by throwing, shooting, hitting, or (especially) catching – allows an athlete to stun fellow players and audiences.
Let the ball come in, think of the ball like an egg. Let the ball come into your stick, give it a little cradle…and then step and throw. Watch the video for a demo.


Lacrosse Training 101: Video #4 –Throwing Technique
(Released March 4, 2019)
Jake takes some heat from Coach as he’s instructed on proper throwing technique. Stick to the Moon, Elbow to the target, step and throw. Enjoy your dinner, Jake. You’ve earned it! 


Lacrosse Training 101: Video #3 – Ball / Release
(Released Feb 25, 2019)

In this lesson Peter and Jake discuss the importance of communication when getting ground balls. You have to call “BALL” to let your teammates know it’s in your crosshairs, then call “RELEASE” when the ball is in your possession. Say it loud enough that the entire team can hear you. Watch the video for a demonstration of this tactic.


Lacrosse Training 101: Video #2 – Have A Routine
(Released Feb 18, 2019)

When playing wall ball, you need to practice a routine in order to get better. Mark a spot on the wall and practice hitting that spot as many times as possible. This will help improve your accuracy and your aim. Watch the video for proper technique and demonstration. 


Lacrosse Training 101: Video #1 – Answer The Phone
(Released Feb 11, 2019)

“Answer the Phone” means bringing your stick up by your head where you can then look for a forward pass or the other team will commit a foul by hitting you in the head. Watch the video for proper technique and demonstration.


Every week we will be releasing a new training video, so be sure to check back for more lacrosse tips and tricks guaranteed to improve your game! 

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One day when I was throwing against the wall, the concept of Project Soft Hands suddenly emerged. I created a video of myself playing wallball--throwing creative passes and making difficult catches. I showed the video to my friends and teammates. I posted it to social media. I began making more videos, and got my friends and teammates involved. I called the movement “Project Soft Hands.”

The "Find Your Wall" Lacrosse Challenge is a collaboration between Project Soft Hands Lacrosse and Boathouse that encourages young lacrosse players to find "their" wall and practice wallball. The more time you play wallball, the better the lacrosse player you’ll become – which is what makes this activity a core fundamental to improving lacrosse skills of all levels. 

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