Fall Football and Gore-Tex Elite Performance Outerwear

It’s the last week of August and few things are more obvious than the start of the Football season. Football is as American as apple pie, the Corvette, and Boathouse. In fact, Boathouse has been partnering with Football teams of all levels for more than 25 years! 

Football teams nationwide have coveted the Boathouse Gore-Tex Performance Raingear since we started with football outerwear 1994. That first year, we designed and manufactured for two Pro teams. At one game in November 1994, the winning team coaches, from NE, came off the field in their Boathouse GORE-TEX Raingear, bone dry after 4 hours of monsoon like rain. The losing team, wearing another brands “rain gear” were soaked to the bone. The quote in the New York Times given by the losing head coach the next day went like this: "I don't know what they are wearing but we better have it here by Tuesday!". And that was it!  As word spread like wildfire amongst footballs best, Boathouse grew to design and deliver quality Custom Gore-Tex Performance Raingear to every Pro team in the country, and nearly every Collegiate D1 FBS, FCS, DII and DIII team.

Why Do Football Teams Love Our Elite Performance Outerwear?

Not only are Boathouse Gore-Tex jackets “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry and Comfortable”, Boathouse makes the product exclusively to the exact team colors, branding, and protection level required by each team. Not only do we provide the best fabrics and protection, but we match your brand. (Don’t believe us? Read the true story of how we matched a football uniform color to a painted chunk of block on a stadium wall.) And it’s all done in our Philadelphia, USA factory, handcrafted stitch by stitch, by our 200+ full-time craftspeople.

Design Your Own Football Outerwear 

You can design your own waterproof GORE-TEX outerwear (for football, rowing, lacrosse, track & field, or any team for that matter) using our new online customizer.  Not only can you design, save and share your own GORE-TEX jackets for your team, but you can order directly from your computer, then save the design for easy reorder in the future using Locker Room

What’s it all mean? It means better product, made exclusively for you, matching your brand. Easy fills-ins. Fast guaranteed delivery. All made in the USA and shipped factory-direct.   Or you can order from a shoe brand, get them in any color (as long as it’s black), and wait 8-12 weeks to ship from Guadalahara. (Read about the importance and economical impact of shopping American: Go The Extra Mile For American-Made Style)

PS: Go Eagles!

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